Saturday, November 27, 2021

Cro Cop Was Out To Prove Everyone That He Isn't Old

Mirko Cro Cop talks to the media at the UFC 115 post fight press conference about his training for his bout with Pat Barry and is purpose coming into the contest:

“I wanted to prove to everyone that I'm not old and they are wrong. My preparation for this fight was the hardest it has been my entire life. I want the grand prix in 2006 with Pride, but tonight, my condition was better…. I was really dedicated…. I never felt so comfortable [inside the cage] in my career…. Pat caught me twice — the punches were good … especially the second one. It was good, but I was able to stand up right away. And I just felt a pain in my eye — that's all I felt. I wasn't dizzy, just had a little double vision for about 10 seconds. Later on I was okay. I was just doing my thing, trying to involve him in the clinch to get him tired, take him down and to finish him…. I just felt good this time to tell you the truth.”

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