Thursday, December 2, 2021

Martin Kampmann On Win Over Paulo Thiago At UFC 115

Martin Kampmann won a hotly contested unanimous decision over Paulo Thiago last night at UFC 115 and the welterweight contender talks to the press following the pay-per-view at the post fight press conference:

“Paulo's real tough. Every time I tried to put some moves on him on the ground he ended up standing up. Every time I tried to punch him he'd scramble, pull guard, go for kimuras. I'm sorry I didn't work more ground and pound, but he's real technical on the ground. If I opened up just a little bit he was trying to catch me in stuff. I could be as active on the ground as I wanted to… I wanted to be a little bit more hesitant with my striking. Usually I have a habit of just going straight forward and swinging. It makes some great fights for the fans. That's why I get a lot of support and I appreciate it. I would have liked to have opened up a little bit more. Sometimes I was too hesitant, but next time I'm going to fire more.”

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