Thursday, December 2, 2021

New York MMA Bill Passes State Senate

MMANEWS.COM Staff Writer

In a surprising, but long overdue maneuver, the New York State Senate has officially passed a bill that will legalize MMA in new York. As with most commissions, rules and regulations will need enforcement, and given the states longtime leeriness of the sport, you can bet commissions will keep a close eye on all things MMA.

The bill was passed with a favorable 32-26 vote. Senator Kevin Parker remarked that mixed martial arts should be viewed in the same light as other combat sports such as boxing.

The bill now sits in the Assembly Ways and Means committee, where approval will be required before landing on the Assembly floor for an official vote. Plenty of Senators however still cling to thoughts of human cock-fighting, which may well determine the final outcome of some very promising news.

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