Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Rich Franklin Talks Broken Arm, Fight With Liddell At UFC 115

Former UFC Middleweight Champ and 205lb. contender Rich Franklin talks to the media following UFC 115 about his broken arm and gives his thoughts on the fight with Liddell:

“I was just happy the fight was over. I knew my arm was broken in the fight. I definitely wasn't going to quit — I've broken bones before and continued fighting. But, there was a part of me wondering how I was going to, what strategy I was going to use, to win the fight with a broken left arm in the second and third rounds…. I would say maybe two minutes in [to the fight] is when that kick came. I was having trouble when I was down on the ground and trying to get up, posting and all that stuff as well. Chuck caught with me with a couple of punches and I got a little stupid standing in front of him. But it looked like he was getting himself tired, so I was kind of just letting him make himself tired, putting a lot of energy into shots that weren't landing…. There was nothing that really rocked me — just a few that kind of put me back. I was fine. He follows up big when he thinks he has you hurt. I just tried to stay tight and hit him with a lead hook that caught him on the chin…. I don't want to be known as the guy who put him out of the sport or whatever. I don't like the thought of that.”


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