Thursday, May 19, 2022

Shane Carwin: Epic Water Balloon Fight Leads To Boring Interview

You may or may not have had the chance to chance the interview between Brock Lesnar and Shane Carwin during the TUF Finale on Saturday night, either way, we have the video below and Carwin's thought on the inteview:

Shane Carwin – “I wanted to tell you that I am now sponsored by the Night Time Nyquill. The interview during the TUF Finale was our attempt at gorilla marketing. If you were sleepy or felt “bored” by my interview then we hit our mark. Imagine what the actual product will do for you if I was able to put you to sleep with my words. Nyquill it helps you sleep like my right hand. Available at fine Pharmacies everywhere.”

“Man what a boring interview. They should have played the part where Goldberg was talking about going hunting with Brock.”

“No excuse but it was a lazy day and I had just been in a epic water balloon fight with my son and I was trying to keep a straight face. I will do better if they ever have me back.”

Props to Shane for keeping it real on the UG

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