Thursday, January 27, 2022

Carwin Blames Gassing Out At UFC 116 On Ref, Adrenaline Dump

Top UFC Heavyweight Shane Carwin, who lost to Brock Lesnar this past weekend at UFC 116, talks to about his loss and the factors that played a roll in him coming out tired in the second round:

“Anyone who questions my cardio should come and train with me. We trained for a twenty-five minute fight but things go wrong. It happens. I basically had an adrenaline dump towards the end of the first (round) and I was unable to recover in between rounds.

“I think the biggest factor of the adrenaline dump was hearing Rosenthal say, `Brock I am going to stop it,' and then not stopping it. He said it at least three different points in the round, and each time I went for the finish and it never came. It sucked the wind and life out of me.”

What does everyone think? Did Shane Carwin blow his wad in round one for nothing? Or do you feel he was close enough in finishing the fight, that it warranted all his wind.

Personally, Shane had Brock on the ropes, a stoppage at that point could have came either way but unfortunately for Shane, things didn't work out in his favor.

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