Thursday, December 8, 2022

Cruiserweight Boxing Champion Wants To Fight Brock Lesnar, Sort Of

MMANEWS.COM Staff Writer

IBO cruiserweight boxing champion Danny Green was recently interviewed by FOX Sports and the subject of UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar came up.

Green said he would like to fight the UFC heavyweight champion, but with stand-up only rules.

Green is known to many fans as the guy who knocked out Roy Jones Jr. in the first round of their fight in December of 2009. The loss for Jones temporarily screwed up plans for a long-awaited showdown between he and fellow boxing legend Bernard Hopkins. For the record, even at that point a Jones-Hopkins fight was insanely past its' due date – by years – and despite the loss, the fight ended up coming together anyways. That's boxing for ya.

Or Strikeforce based on moves being made in their heavyweight division lately.

Green told FOX Sports, “Would I like to fight Brock Lesnar? Absolutely. The IBO champ continued, “It would have to be a stand up fight. I know my limitations and there's no way I could compete with Lesnar on the ground. The bloke outweighs me by plenty and was a champion college wrestler. But to stand inside a steel cage and use fists and elbows, I'd even fight bare knuckle if that's what it take to get him Down Under and inside a steel cage.”

And that's the beginning and end of the legs on that story.

Why pro boxers even bother talking about fighting ground-based MMA stars in stand-up only boxing rules matches is completely beyond me. How would it prove anything if Green beat Lesnar in a boxing match? Is it because Lesnar is a champion of a fighting sport, so he's open to be challenged by boxers to fight their rules only? The best is when a situation like this happens and the MMA fighter ignores the story (as they all should, and as Lesnar will in this case) and the boxer claims the MMA fighter is ducking him, or in some way avoiding his challenge.

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