Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Impact FC 2 “The Uprising” Detailed Results From Sydney, Australia

MMANEWS.COM Staff Writer

Welcome to the's live play-by-play results coverage of the Impact FC 2: “The Uprising” event from Sydney, Australia. There will be four preliminary fights leading into the PPV. Results of the prelims will be brief. When the PPV fights begin, play-by-play detail and update time will increase. Enjoy the show!


Fight #1:
-Manuel Rodriguez vs. Shane Nix

Fight ended in the first round when Rodriguez secured a north-south choke on Nix at the 4:22 mark. Nix went completely unconscious, which gave Rodriguez the win by submission.

Manuel Rodriguez def. Shane Nix via Submission (north-south choke) at 4:22 of Round 1.

Fight #2:
-Glenn Taylor-Smith vs. Richie Vaculik

This one saw the finish come in the second round. Vaculik got Taylor-Smith's back with two minutes left in the round, secured the rear naked choke and forced the tap out, giving him the submission victory.

Richie Vaculik def. Glenn Taylor-Smith via Submission (rear naked choke) at 4:16 of Round 2.

Fight #3:
-Glover Teixeira vs. Marko Pesel

Teixeira dominated Pesel on the ground. He had a number of near submission, as he almost finished Pesel with an arm-triangle on three seperate ocassions. Ultimately Teixeira settled into mount and pounded out Pesel with punches, forcing the stoppage from “Big” John McCarthy at the 2:55 mark of the opening round.

Glover Teixeira def. Marko Peselj via TKO (punches) at 2:55 of Round 1.

Fight #4:
-Peter Graham vs. Jim York

Finish came at 3:44 of round one when York caught Graham in a rear naked choke, forcing the tap out for a first round submission victory.

Jim York def. Peter Graham via Submission (rear naked choke) at 3:44 of Round 1.


Fight #5:
-Murilo Bustamante vs. Jesse Taylor

Round 1: Bustamante takes Taylor down early. Taylor is back up quickly. Taylor gets Bustamante on the mat with a big takedown. He moves Bustamante towards the cage. Bustamante went for an impressive looking armbar at one point, switching to top position in the process. Shortly after that Bustamante tried rolling for a triangle, but didn't finish it. Now he's back on the bottom with Taylor in his guard. Taylor working light GNP while Bustamante keeps his hips busy, looking for openings. Bustamante tries for a leg submission, switching to top position in the process. Bustamante is so damn smooth on the ground so far, putting on a jiu-jitsu clinic. From top position, Bustamante rolls and takes Taylor's ack. He's looking for the rear naked choke but Taylor escapes, reverses and is on top again in Bustamante's guard. The round ends there.

Round 2: Taylor takes Bustamante down off a punching exchange. He's working some light ground and pound. “Big” John stands the two up for a restart. Something weird happens when Bustamante gets up and the fight is called. The crowd is dead silent in confusion. I'm with them on that one, I have no idea what just happened. The announcer eventually gets on the house mic and simply says the fighter verbally quits. No explanation of what specifically went down. The announcers are watching replay highlights trying to figure it out. Elvis Sinosic is in for the post-fight interview, let's hope we find out here. It wasn't. Shocking.

Jesse Taylor def. Murilo Bustamante via Submission (verbal tapout) at 2:10 of Round 2.

They are airing the Josh Barnett vs. Geronimo dos Santos fight from Impact FC 1. now. Updates will resume with the next live fight at Impact FC 2 after this airs. The fight ends in the first round, so it should only be a few minutes. Stick with us!

Fight #6:
-Murilo “Ninja” Rua vs. Jeremy May

Round 1: May comes out at the bell swinging like a mad-man straight-forward at Ninja. Ninja accidentally hits May with a low blow to hault the action briefly. Ninja lands a good right hand and is working for a takedown. May defends and the two brawl in the thai clinch for a brief moment. Ninja closing in now with kicks. May responding with kicks of his own. May decks Ninja with a punch, to a big reaction from the crowd. May follows in but Nnija is back standing quickly. He's back-peddaling now as May is coming in smelling a finish. May grabs Ninja with a school-yard headlock. Ninja takes May down off it and has him stuffed against the cage. May wall-walks and is back up. Ninja scoops May up for a huge slam takedown. The crowd liked that. May again works his way back standing. One minute left in the round. Ninja grabs a guillotine out of nowhere on the feet, drops into guard and finishes it!

Murilo “Ninja” Rua def. Jeremy May via Submission (guillotine choke) at 4:02 of Round 1.

Note: Had to include a post-match note here. After making a bunch of excuses, saying he KO'd Ninja and got too excited so he lost, May's next excuse was he had diareah ever since cutting weight. This show is insane. Between that, the single most annoying live arena announcer in history, and some goofball TV announcer doing the show with Elvis Sinosic, it's been a weird PPV so far.

Fight #7:
-Denis Kang vs. Paulo Filho

Round 1: They are having the next fighters do ring-walks literally seconds after the post-fight interviews of the previous fights. Kang and Filho are both in the cage now and this fight is about to get underway. Filho has a Mike Tyson-like tattoo on his face. He tries for a takedown early, but Kang defends and ends up on top of Filho. Kang is in Filho's guard now working ground and pound while we see a close-up camera angle of Filho with a weird smile on his face. Kang putting a little more behind his punches now, trying to create some opportunities. Filho rolls, looking to escape out the back door, but Kang controls him and finishes the round landing some more punches inside Filho's guard.

Round 2: Both guys exchange some big punches and knees early in the second round, to the crowd's delight. Filho is able to get Kang on the ground out of this exchange, and he is in on Kang's body tight, giving him no room to do anything. He seems to be just squeezing him like a bear-hug spot in pro wrestling. Filho is in Kang's half guard now throwing some punches down. Kang is trying to scramble from the bottom, but Filho is doing a good job so far of controlling position. Filho passes to full mount, as the educated Australian crowd reacts. Filho is staying in tight from the mount now. Kang bucks, scrambles and reverses position on the ground now, as he winds up on top position inside Filho's guard. 90 seconds left in the round. Kang lands a good elbow. A few seconds later, Kang lands a real good punch that the crowd reacted to big. Kang finishes the remaining seconds of the round landing some light punches.

Round 3: Could be an even fight going into this third and final round. Filho dives in for a double leg immediately. He gets Kang down and has him up against the cage. Filho is in Kang's half guard landing some punches. Kang rolls and escapes, switching to top position again. He changes to Filho's back now and he's got both hooks in. Filho is able to escape and he reverses now into top position, winding up in side control on top of Kang. Filho now takes Kang's back and he has both hooks in. Just under three minutes remain. Kang scrambles and now he is on top punching Filho. Both guys scramble and are back standing. Kang shoots but Filho sprawls and moves to Kang's back. Kang rolls for a leg submission. He has a heel hook but Filho spins out. Filho is on top of Kang now. Filho is in side control. Kang grabs onto an arm of Filho looking for a kimura from the bottom as an escape set-up. Filho works out and is in Kang's full guard now landing some punches. The ground action in this round has been pretty awesome. Kang grabs onto an arm of Filho again, looking to use it to escape. Filho gets loose and is trying to apply an arm triangle with ten seconds left in the fight. He doesn't fully have it, but squeezes as if he does anyway. The round ends there. Crowd pops big after the round ended.

Denis Kang and Paulo Filho fight to a Majority Draw (29-28 Filho, 30-27 Kang, 29-29 Even) after 3 Rounds.

They are airing the Carlow Newton vs. Brian Ebersole fight from Impact FC 1 now. Our play-by-play will resume with the next live fight from Sydney in a few minutes.

Fight #8:
-Soa Palelei vs. Brad Morris

Round 1: In progress now after the Newton-Ebersole replay, which included the single most annoying human being on the arena mic yapping about a bunch of pointless shit during the fight itself, etc. Why would ANYONE let that guy have a microphone, let alone hire him to be an announcer? The big boys are about to go at it here in just a moment. Round begins and Morris bullies his way straight into Palelei's chest. Both guys are clinched up against the cage. We're still in the clinch against the cage with two minutes left in the round. This has literally been the whole round thus far, with very little going on. Palelei gets some room and blasts Morris with a huge knee that had him wobbling. Palelei grabs a hold of Morris now and smashes him with a few more knees. Palelei takes Morris down now, with just over one minute left in the round. Palelei stands up and is standing over a grounded Morris. Palelei dives back in and has side mount. He grabs onto an arm and is cranking on a kimura. He gets the tapout.

Soa Palelei def. Brad Morris via Submission (kimura) at 4:20 of Round 1.

Fight #9:
-Paul Daley vs. Daniel Acacio

Round 1: Coming up next. This and the Ken Shamrock vs. Pedro Rizzo main event are the only live bouts remaining this evening. Round begins with Daley coming out firing repeated leg kicks. Acacio doesn't seem to like these kicks too much. Daley trying to gauge distance with his hands now as he continues firing kicks. Acacio blasts with a spurt of offense like a tazmanian devil at Daley with punches. Typical Chute Boxe type stuff. Daley covers up well and things settle with Acacio pressing Daley against the cage. Daley turns things around and now has Acacio agains't the cage. Daley lands a huge punch. He hits him with a big knee now as well. Daley drops Acacio and is pummeling him on the ground with big shots trying to finish things up. “Big” John is on top of the action and gives Acacio a chance to survive. Acacio is forced to stand up now and Daley comes out after him looking for a knockout. Acacio dives at Daley's legs and is able to take him down. He's in Daley's half guard now working short elbows with a minute left in the round. Daley wall-walks his way back to his feet and both guys are clinched against the cage now. Both guys exchange knees to the face inside a clinch. “Big” John calls for a break in the action to allow Acacio's corner to cut some loose tape off his glove. There's only ten seconds remaining in the round. Fight resumes, literally nothing happens, and the horn sounds to end the round. That was an exciting round. Daley is a beast.

Round 2: Daley attempts a vicious spinning back-fist on Acacio to start the second round, but misses by just a hair. Daley working stiff leg kicks again. Acacio catches a kick attempt by Daley and tries to take him down off it, but Daley defends well. Acacio grabs onto a leg of Daley from his back and almost locks in a submission. Daley escapes and settles on top of Acacio in side control. Acacio gets hold of Daley's leg again and tries for another hold. Daley once again escapes. Daley forces Acacio to stand back up with just under three minutes left in the round. Acacio tries a takedown but Daley sprawls perfectly and makes Acacio stand up yet again. Daley with a high kick attempt. Acacio catches a Daley kick attempt and puts him on his back. Acacio is in Daley's half guard now landing some hammer fists. One minute and change left in the round. Daley gets his full guard. Acacio trying to get some punches going, but Daley is defending well from the bottom. Daley opening his guard with seconds left in the round. He slaps on a sloppy triangle out of nowhere, and almost sinched it up, but Acacio gets out just as the horn sounds to end the round.

Round 3: Both guys touch gloves to start the final round. Daley lands a good punch on the feet that jacked Acacio's head back. Acacio ends up on the ground and has a look of discouragement on his face. Acacio is bleeding. Daley dives in and throws some punches. “Big” John jumps in and stops the fight. It is believed to be a verbal submission from Acacio. Crowd reacts nicely for Daley, who seemed to be a favorite in Sydney.

Paul Daley def. Daniel Acacio via Submission (verbal tapout) at 1:15 of Round 3.

Fight #10:
-Ken Shamrock vs. Pedro Rizzo

Round 1: Alright, our main event is in the cage and is officially underway. “Big” John McCarthy is our ref for tonight's main event. Shamrock immediately throws a right hand, getting Rizzo's attention early. Rizzo catches a Shamrock kick attempt and tries a big overhand, forcing Shamrock to stumble to the ground. Shamrock pops back up and goes back swinging at Rizzo. Rizzo willing to return fire, hitting Shamrock with a few punches that seems to have earned his respect as Shamrock slows down quite a bit. Rizzo hurts Shamrock with a nice combo and Shamrock has his infamous “oh shit” look on his face, which is beat red. Shamrock covers up as Rizzo comes in with a one-two with his hands. Shamrock doing a lot of posing in front of Shamrock now, as Rizzo starts putting together shots. Unless he gets a second surge of energy, you can probably expect a finish here soon, or the beginning of a long night of unanswered punishment from Rizzo to Shamrock. Rizzo tearing up Shamrock's legs now with kicks. Shamrock opened up now near his eyes, bleeding pretty bad. Rizzo is getting more aggressive now as his effort starts to pay off more. Rizzo hits Shamrock with a kick so hard that Shamrock voluntarily went down on one knee. Rizzo stalls for a second like, “does he get a time out because that hurt?” Finally he moves in towards Shamrock, and blasts him as he remains on the ground in the fetal position hoping what's coming won't be too bad. Rizzo hit him a few times and “Big” John saw enough.

Pedro Rizzo def. Ken Shamrock via TKO (strikes) in Round 1.

Note: Rizzo was classy in his post-fight interview. Shamrock took advantage of his interview, almost as if that was the main event. His face was nearly as lumped up as it was after the first Tito Ortiz figtht. Shamrock started talking about how his career might be forced into winding down soon, and then questioned about retirement specifically. The crowd erupted into applause for Shamrock, who with his lumped up mug, started smiling and said that he doesn't mind getting beat up, and as long as people want to come out and watch him get beat up, he'll continue fighting.

Decent show. The fights were all for the most part good, some actually really good. The PPV presentation though has a LONG way to go. I enjoyed the very short time stalling between fights. The guy on the mic in the arena though — he has no business ever touching a microphone again in his life. Not the PPV announcer, who called the action alongside MMA veteran Elvic Sinosic, but the arena announcer. He could be potentially the single most annoying person in the history of MMA. And not in a good way like that screaching lady from the old PRIDE days.