Saturday, December 3, 2022

Jose Canseco Loses Embarassing Exhibition To 60-Year Old Man

MMANEWS.COM Staff Writer

Former Major League Baseball star-turned over-the-hill MMA never-was, Jose Canseco, lost his latest fighting exhibition — to a 60-year old man. Not some super-freak athlete 60-year old either, a regular “Joe”, Gary Hogan, who works as an associate director at the University of Arkansas-Little Rock.

To be fair, it was a charity benefit designed to raise money for the Ray Rodgers boxing gym and GED program in Little Rock, and Canseco was clearly just going through the motions in the ring, if that, as his “sparring partner” as mentioned before — looks like an old ass 60-year old man!

Canseco dropped a hard-fought, nothing-to-be-ashamed of unanimous decision to Hogan, by scores of 39-37 on the judges cards.

Whatever the case may be, Canseco screwed up. When the MMA Underground and other web fan-forums get hold of the following photo, it's curtains for Canseco, who is still hopeful to get a MMA freak show fight put together between himself and former Heisman trophy winning football star-turned part-time active Strikeforce fighter Herschel Walker.

More details and the funny photo on page two …

You tell me what happens when you mix the following photo, with Canseco's reputation as a clueless MMA hopeful (not the snitch rep. from MLB) as well as rowdy “keyboard warrior” forum junkies, into one big pot.

Gary Hogan (60 years old, pictured right) beats MLB legend Jose Canseco (pictured left)

Whatever it is will likely be non-stop forum fodder for a fortnight at least. Hell, stop by the MMANEWS.COM Forums and start firing away right now.

Watch a free embedded video of the full match on page three …

Those interested in the highly anticipated Jose Canseco vs. Gary Hogan charity benefit boxing exhibition match, you can watch it in full on the video player embedded below:

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