Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Phil Mushnick/NY Post Rips Into ESPN For Covering MMA

MMANEWS.COM Staff Writer

Phil Mushnick ripped into ESPN for their coverage of mixed-martial arts in his latest New York Post column. Mushnick compared MMA to a World's Strongest Man competition due to his apparent belief that there is a steroid issue, or something similar, going unrecognized in the sport.

Mushnick wrote: “So now that ESPN has bought into the cage fighting business — video highlights mostly of downed fighters being punched in the head — is ESPN going to ignore some of the suspiciously mass-muscled physiques? Is this going to be another World's Strongest Man see/speak-no-evil?”

Look out MMA – Mushnick can be relentless when he gets a bone up his ass on a certain issue. Professional wrestling has had to deal with a lot of the same Mushnick rants, although in that situation it's likely a bit more of a legitimate complaint.

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