Monday, December 5, 2022

UFC Second Only To NBA In Followers On Facebook For Sports

MMANEWS.COM Staff Writer

According to recent research compiled by the Chicago Sun-Times, the UFC is second only to the NBA within the sports world when it comes to total amount of online Facebook fans.

While the article had to make every excuse in the book as to why the UFC tops the NFL, NHL, MLB, WWE and other top sports brands, the fact remains Dana White's unhealthy Twitter addiction is paying off for UFC's online social networking reach.

The article claims UFC has over two million followers on Facebook, second in sports leagues/brands only to the National Basketball Association, which has just over three million.

On a list compiled by USA Today mixed-martial arts blogger Sergio Non, UFC is quoted at 2,269,450 fans on Facebook. Following UFC on the list is the Vancouver 2010 Olympics (1,209,379), WWE (757,845), NASCAR (702,701), NHL (574,112), NFL (508,906) and the WNBA (283,779), just to name a few.

The same article claims UFC president Dana White alone has 1.1 million Facebook fans, putting him in the top 250 people followed on Facebook overall.

You can check out more stats from the list by reading Non's blog at

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