Thursday, December 8, 2022

Weigh In Results For Impact FC, Shamrock Vs. Rizzo

The second of three Impact FC cards is set to go after all fighters have made weight for the event in Australia this weekend.

Despite struggles to make the cut, Paulo Filho did weigh in at the 186lb. limit after waiting 20 minutes after the last fighter to step on the scale for the first time. Not making weight on the first trip meant Filho would have to make his way to the sauna for an hour to cut down.

He finally did make it to 186lbs. but was apparently in rough shape by that point.

The following are complete results:

265 lbs.: Ken Shamrock (212) vs. Pedro Rizzo (244)
170 lbs.: Paul Daley (171) vs. Daniel Acacio (171)
265 lbs.: Brad Morris (253) vs. Soa Palelei (289)
185 lbs.: Paulo Filho (186) vs. Denis Kang (185)
185 lbs.: Murilo Rua (186) vs. Jeremy May (186)
185 lbs.: Murilo Bustamante (185) vs. Jesse Taylor (185)
265 lbs.: Peter Graham (252) vs. Jim York (256)
205 lbs.: Glover Teixeira (206) vs. Marko Peselj (205)
145 lbs.: Richie Vaculik (144) vs. Glenn Taylor Smith (143)
170 lbs.: Shane Nix (169) vs. Manuel Rodriguez (170)