Sunday, November 27, 2022

Dominick Cruz Felt He Won All Five Rounds At WEC 50

Following his first title defense in the Bantemweight division, Dominick Cruz talked to the media post fight to discuss the fight which he won via a split decision. Cruz felt that he won all the rounds and should have picked up the unanimous decision.

“In my humble opinion, I thought I won all the rounds. I thought I won it pretty unanimously. That's all I can say. I thought I won it.”

“I think that the crowd has a big part to play in the judges' opinion sometimes. Also, he caught me with a real slick knee up against the cage that made me bleed real bad. I would assume the blood could have swayed the judges as well.”

“It felt like the same fight almost. He's still quick. He still had a lot of good pace. He still threw a lot of good stuff. I think he was a little more cautious this time. He didn't go as crazy this time on a lot of his striking, but that kind of plays to my advantage a little bit, in my opinion, just because I make good reads as the fight goes on, and I get stronger and stronger as the fight goes on, as well.”

“I'm a little disappointed I didn't the finish. I was really looking for it. I landed a lot of shots that I felt like should have finished him, but he's tough. You've got to give it to him… All these guys that I get in there with, they're tough. The 135-pound division is stacked. We've got some of the best fighters in the world, and none of them are going to go down easy.”