Thursday, December 8, 2022

Soares Says Translations Aren't Always Accurate, Puts Spin On Them

Ever wonder if what UFC Middleweight Champ Anderson Silva says to fans and the media through his manager/translator Ed Soares is a direct translation or not? Well, Soares spoke about the issue this week and his answer may or may not shock you:

“Yes and no. … I can say that sometimes I don't translate exactly what [Anderson Silva] says, but it's not something I do on purpose or to cover anything up. Things don't translate word for word. I'm trying to get the message across. If I were to use the same words, it wouldn't translate to the same meaning. … As far as fixing something, as his manager, I'm always going to try to make him look better — but it's nothing like lying or anything like that.”

Props: MMA Scraps