Monday, December 5, 2022

St. Pierre Not Interested In Silva About, Enjoys Watching Him Fight

One fight that gets talked about but likely won't come to the table for a few years in Georges St. Pierre and Anderson Silva. Two Champions in their respective weight classes, weight classes they have stood atop of for quite some time.

St. Pierre has a stint coming up as a coach on The Ultimate Fighter 12 alongside number one Welterweight contender Josh Koscheck, with a title defense to follow in December, and spoke about the possibility of fighting Silva and his thoughts on the 185lb. Champ in an interview with Fighters Only:

“I watched that fight because I like Anderson Silva and the way he fights, I learn every time that Anderson Silva fights. I like to watch the best guys in the business fighting because I learn from them and Anderson Silva is one of them. Chael Sonnen now became one of them. But no… it [a fight with Silva] is not on my radar right now.”