Thursday, December 8, 2022

Dana White Talks Punishment For Chael Sonnen

UFC President Dana White talked to Kevin Iole following news that Chael Sonnen had failed a pre fight drug test for what the CSAC says was a natural steroid and despite fans and media clamoring for the promotion to step in and punish Sonnen on top of what he will likely receive from the CSAC (one year suspension, $2500 fine), White likely won't pursue the matter any further than the commission level:

“When one of them fails a test, the government is going to fine them and suspend them and tell them they can't make a living for a year. So should I come in after they've already lost the ability to make a living for a year and been fined all this money and, in the worst economic disaster in the history of the world, fine them another huge amount and take away their ability to make a living even longer?

“These are guys with homes and families and personal lives and bills and debts and obligations, just like me and you,” White said. “After they lost all this money already, money that, A, they've probably already spent and B, which they owe taxes, do I fine them another huge amount? What else do you do to a human being?”