Sunday, December 4, 2022

Josh Koscheck Prepared To Fight Off Back Against GSP

After being beaten by Georges St. Pierre the first time they stepped into the Octagon in 2007, Josh Koscheck tells the media during the GSP Vs. Koscheck conference call that he will be prepared to fight off his back after learning his lesson against GSP the last time they fought:

“The lesson I learned was the fact that you got to become a more complete fighter. You just can't rely on wrestling. You have to have wrestling defense. And Georges is definitely a strategist. He's going to come in with a good game plan, and I believe that he's going to come in with a different game plan. He's a smart guy. He has a lot of smart people around him… And I have to be prepared to fight off my back. I have to be prepared to fight this fight anywhere, in a bad situation. And there's a chance that I could be fighting off my back again in this fight because Georges is that type of athlete. He's very, very good. I got to be prepared to fight off my back… And I've seen a lot of his fights. I'm going to continue to watch his fights and study them. I'm going to have a great game plan and I'm going to come into this fight and come out with a victory come December.”