Sunday, December 4, 2022

Mike Tyson On James Toney: He Looked Horrible

After cashing in a payday in August against Randy Couture by showing up and getting steamrolled, James Toney has said that he would like to get another chance to fight in the Octagon. This week, while speaking with the Canadian Press, Mike Tyson gave his thoughts on Toney's performance against Couture last month:

“You have to admit, Toney looked horrible. He looked slow. He didn't look like a seasoned, conditioned athlete. You only had to look at his body structure. No way, Toney didn't get ready to fight a real, professional athlete like Randy is. It was ridiculous. He had no respect for Randy…. I know 100 percent that a boxer (could win). As long as he learns how to grapple and wrestle, he could do great. You've got to go in there respecting the sport, and not just thinking you're going to knock somebody out every time. It's a complicated sport, but a good boxer has to be a great athlete anyway.”