Monday, December 5, 2022

MMANEWS.COM BLOG: The Great Not Looking Past Palhares

MMANEWS.COM Staff Writer

The following is an excerpt from a new MMANEWS.COM Blog by our own John Specht:

The Great Not Looking Past Palhares

As “Nate The Great” enters the octagon for the 41st time in his professional career on September 15th, it won't be the first time he is facing a certain amount of adversity after a tough fought loss, the most recent coming at the hands of Chael Sonnen.

Before that, there was the split decision loss to Thales Leites that shocked everyone, probably even Leites himself.

And you couldn't have this conversation without bringing up the Pancrase loss to Ricardo Almeida and ensuing brawl that is now legendary in the grappling world.

The 7 time Pancrase champion has been around the block too many times for any regrets in this stage of his career though, and looks to finish Palhares in a dominating fashion using his wrestling to counter Palhares potent submission attacks.

Marquardt will be in familiar territory as he headlines UFC Fight Night 22, being no stranger to the big fight's that can alter the path of a career in a split second. Marquardt will be looking to get back in the win column after the Sonnen loss, as he aims to remind people who the fighter is that they call “Nate the Great.”

The broadcast is one that really benefits fans, as we get a PPV type main-event on regular cable TV. Something that has become the norm now with Versus getting it's hands on the golden goose that is MMA.

Is Marquardt overlooking Palhares? Did he overlook Sonnen?


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