Sunday, November 27, 2022

Cheick Kongo Says At Least 50% Of Fighters Using PED's

UFC Heavyweight Cheick Kongo has thrown his thoughts into the MMA steroid debate this week. The big man fron France has gone on record that at least half the fighters in the sport are using some form of performance enhancing drug:

“50 percent [of MMA fighters take steroids], if not more…. What can I say, other than we need to stay away from all of that. It's not easy to put things into perspective, especially if you believe that you have a disadvantage from the get go. For some athletes, it's hard to hold up physically and mentally- the pressure, the obligation to stay on top – everything pushes you to take steroids. For me, PEDs aren't the solution. Taking PEDs jeopardizes your health and it's cheating. I am a fighter; I owe my victories to my hard work, my training, the fact that I push myself beyond the limit, the sacrifices I make to a life almost entirely dedicated to sports. Nothing else. Stay away from the needles. You can succeed without them.”