Thursday, December 8, 2022

Daniel Cormier Talks Cain Velasquez Vs. Brock Lesnar

Two time Olympic competitor Daniel Cormier has been in the gym with Cain Velasquez in the lead up to Velasquez' heavyweight title shot tonight in Anaheim, CA and Cormier talked about how the contenders training has gone and what they have worked on:

“You can't really find many guys like Brock because he's such a big, fast and explosive wrestler, but what Cain has already is that he's a good wrestler. So we touch on the things that he's good at already and then we implement different techniques because skill will always out-do muscle. We've been working on his skills, trying to lock some things down and make sure he's ready in all areas. I think we've got that accomplished…. We're going to scramble. We're going to make him wrestle. We're going to make [Brock] fight from all positions. It's going to be a tough fight, a long fight, but we're not going to lay under him like a lot of guys have done so far. We're going to take the same approach Randy [Couture] took and get right back up if he does take us down. We're prepared for everything. And like I said, skill will take over power a lot of times, and we've worked on the skills that we need to incorporate into this fight.”