Monday, November 28, 2022

Jon Jones Says He Will Never Fight Rashad Evans

Dana White's palm likely just slapped off his forehead as rising light heavyweight contender Jon Jones has gone on record and stated that if Rashad Evans were to win the 205lb. title he would be happy to just be the second best because he will never fight his teammate from Greg Jackson's:

“Absolutely not. If Rashad Evans won the belt, which I'm hoping he does, my only goal would be to be the toughest contender there is, and keep whipping butt without being champion. I'd stay at 205 and be the second best. That would be my goal. As I said, I'm hoping he wins, we're very proud of him. I couldn't [fight him], he's my mate. All my dreams and aspirations are in the light-heavyweight division, and I'm growing and getting older, but I have quite some time left in the light-heavyweight division. I have a good work ethic because of the wrestling, cutting weight comes easily to me, so I'll wait until weight-cutting becomes miserable before I step up.”