Saturday, December 3, 2022

MMANEWS.COM BLOG: Aldo Dodging Florian?

MMANEWS.COM Staff Writer

The following is an excerpt from a new MMANEWS.COM Blog by our own John Specht:

Aldo vs. Florian On Horizon For 2011?

Move over Brock.

Your bearded mug has been bumped from the MMA headlines around the country, as fans and fighters alike try to make sense of the recent chatter about one of the sports pound for pound best fighters.

Jose Aldo turning down a fight in the UFC? Nahh, couldn't be.

Although we will probably never know the exact specifics of this news, we do know this much.

Reports surfaced that indicate Jose Aldo was offered a fight in the UFC's lightweight division against perennial contender and labeled choke artist, Kenny Florian. The offer was subsequently turned down by the Aldo camp, igniting a fuse of speculation and rumors across the forums.

I get excited just typing this out. Bear with me.


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