Friday, December 2, 2022

Shields Not Surprised Win Over Kampmann Could Equal Title Shot

Top ranked welterweight Jake Shields will make his long awaited UFC next weekend at UFC 121 against Martin Kampmann in a fight that Dana White has gone on record saying could lead to the next number one contender for Georges St. Pierre's welterweight title and although this is only Shield's first fight in the big show, he says he always felt he'd get a title shot with a win:

“I love it. That's what I want, that title shot, so I love hearing stuff like that. For awhile, I've been feeling the hints that way from UFC. This is the first time I've heard them say it, but I've kind of felt that way regardless. I feel like as long I go out there and perform and look good doing it, I'll get a title shot. I remember before the Jon Fitch and (Thiago) Alves fight, he said something about them getting a fight, and everyone told me I wasn't getting a title shot, but for some reason I wasn't worried. I've always felt like I was going to be next in line for a title shot, for whatever reason.”Props: USA Today