Sunday, December 4, 2022

Shogun Not Concerned With Jones Or Bader. Focused On Evans

UFC Light Heavyweight Champ Shogun Rua has a number of top ranked light heavyweights number on his door but while the 205lb. picture has taken a new shape over the last few months with the likes of Jon Jones and Ryan Bader making names for themselves, the injured champ is more concerned with the number one contender, Rashad Evans right now:

“Rashad is a great fighter, has a good boxing and Wrestling. On my weight class there're only tough guys, so it'll be like any other… I really don't know if it'll be him and I don't know the date, but I believe it'll be against him … This is one of the most disputed divisions, since Pride, years ago… And it's good to have all these guys here, but I can't keep thinking about the second and the third guys on the line… I'll have a tough fight with Rashad and it'd be disrespectful to think about Jon Jones, Ryan Bader when I'll fight Rashad … I'll give my best and I'll be focused for my next fight, not on the second and third to go.”