Saturday, December 3, 2022

Silva, Gracie Set For Wesley Snipes Film With Mega-Martial Arts Lineup

MMANEWS.COM Staff Writer

According to a new article on the Variety website, famous actor and Joe Rogan's arch-nemesis Wesley Snipes is compiling a list of martial arts actors and legitimate martial artists for his upcoming film project, “Master Daddy.”

The film, which is already drawing comparisons to Sylvester Stallone's “The Expendables,” only with a comedic plot, lists the following martial arts personalities as appearing in the film in some form or fashion.

From the Variety article:

“The film will feature cameos and performances from dozens of martial arts and fighting arts stars including Chuck Norris, Chiba, Frazier, Gracie, Hung, Inosanto, Jaa, Rhee, Kim, Lee Mosely, Bob Wall, Rampage, Anderson Silva and Ron Van Cleff. Musicians Rock Steady, Jabbawakkies and Quest Crew will also perform.”

The article describes the film as a “multi-racial action comedy” which Snipes himself compares to “Kung Fu Hustle” combined with “Meet The Parents.”

While Anderson Silva and Quinton “Rampage” Jackson are clearly identified in the aforementioned Variety excerpt, the identity of the Gracie member is unknown. Simply listing “Gracie” is not exactly the same as listing only “Jaa,” as all MMA fans are aware that several dozen legitimate (and some not so legitimate) fighters carry the infamous last name into the ring or cage. One would assume Royce Gracie, although that is merely speculation.

One can be sure this is not the last we'll be hearing of the Snipes-driven film project. As soon as we know more, you'll know more. For now, you can fill up on some more useless informative such as production backers and other investors in the project by checking out the full article at