Sunday, December 4, 2022

UFC 121 Results: Velasquez TKOs Lesnar; Shields, Hamill Win

MMANEWS.COM Staff Writer

Welcome to our live round-by-round coverage of the UFC 121: Lesnar vs. Velasquez event from the Honda Center in Anaheim, California.

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Gilbert Yvel vs. Jon Madsen

Round 1: ….and we're off! First fight of the night begins and the action is slow for the first minute. Yvel and Madsen are both finding their range and feeling each other out here in the early goings. Madsen changes levels and shoots in for a takedown. Yahtzee! Yvel is on his back now with Madsen nailing him with shots from inside his full guard. Madsen picks up the pace and starts putting more into his attack, which quickly results in a referee stoppage. No surprises there as Yvel is infamously green on the ground, despite being one of the longest-running veterans of the game. Maybe they banned jiu-jitsu training in Holland, otherwise Yvel is just making his money and isn't worried about getting his face pounded in every few months for cash. With the loss, Yvel is likely to be cut from the UFC. Time will tell. Quick opener for the live crowd in Anaheim.

Jon Madsen def. Gilbert Yvel via TKO (strikes) at 1:48 of Round 1.

Chris Camozzi vs. Dongi Yang

Round 1: Yang gets the offense started in round one with a leg kick. Camozzi answers back with a right hand up top that scores. Both guys exchange shots before Yang changes levels for a takedown, which he finishes successfully. Yang is in Camozzi's full guard on the ground. Yang passes to side control before taking Camozzi's back. Camozzi manages to scramble and reverse, leading to both guys returning the fight standing. Camozzi lands a knee to the body of Yang. Both guys landing some decent shots back on the feet as the action ensues. Camozzi secures a Thai clinch and starts working his knees to the body of Yang. Camozzi turns up the heat and is mixing in kicks to the body and some solid punches. Camozzi lands a really nice combination with his hands. Yang fires back shortly thereafter, landing a very solid shot to the face of Camozzi, to the crowd's delight. Camozzi takes the shot and it seemed to do nothing more than fuel his own fire. Camozzi comes in wild and manages to get another Thai clinch. He works some good knees and tight punches inside before the round ends. MMANEWS.COM scores the round 10-9 for Camozzi, unofficially of course.

Round 2: Yang comes out wild to start the second. He swings like a mad-man before taking Camozzi down to the ground. It doesn't take long before Yang has full back control on Camozzi, looking to sink in a rear-naked choke. During a scramble, Camozzi successfully returns the fight back standing. Camozzi lands a solid body punch, which he followed up with some effective knees to Yang's mid-section. Yang stuns Camozzi momentarily with a good combination with the hands. Camozzi might have been poked in the eye during that exchange, but the fight continues regardless. Yang is pressing the offense now, despite seemingly losing more and more gas. Camozzi again utilizes some knees to the body of Yang, something that is more than likely not helping Yang's fatigue factor which is prominent here towards the end of round two. Both guys land some huge punches. Both guys are hurt after the exchange, although Camozzi seems to have a slight edge. The round ends on that note, likely another 10-9 for Camozzi. Yang needs something big in the third and finale frame if he wants to take this one. 60 ticks of the clock until we found out what happens. Hang in there!

Round 3: The crowd is hot for the third and final round, which is now officially underway. Yang again starts the round off intensely. Yang landing some good punches at the moment. Camozzi lands a couple of good kicks before dropping Yang to one knee with an impressive punch. Camozzi follows that up with a Thai clinch, working in his knees to the body. Yang manages to break loose from the clinch, although this only leads to a head kick from Camozzi and another Thai clinch. Camozzi again working knees to the body, as the life of Yang seems to leak more and more with every second that passes. The pace is slowing up a bit now as both guys are circling and looking tired. Solid uppercut from Camozzi finds the mark. Camozzi with a good elbow to the head of Yang. Yang looks to secure a takedown. No dice. Not enough gas in the tank to seal the deal on that attempt. Camozzi with a good left hook followed by a leg kick. Yang looks like he has very little breath left, but the round is almost over anyway. Camozzi finishes the round strong with yet another knee attack. Another 10-9 for Camozzi in this reporter's eyes, we'll see what the judges think in a moment.

Chris Camozzi def. Dongi Yang via Split Decision (28-29 Yang, 29-28 Camozzi, 29-28 Camozzi)

Sam Stout vs. Paul Taylor

Round 1: Fireworks are expected by all in this one. We'll see how it goes as the fighters make their way to the octagon now. Fight is underway now and Taylor gets things started with a kick to the body of Stout. Stout answers back with some furious punches. Stout taking control of the action now here in the early portion of fight numero tres. The action is intense enough that I won't bother mentioning every landed shot. I can say Stout is clearly in control of what has been an all-stand up battle thus far. We're about half way through the round now and it's apparent at this point that Stout is in control. Stout continues to land shots and Taylor's nose is bleeding. Taylor tries some frequent leg-kicks to slow Stout down, although it comes as no surprise that slowing him down is no easy task. Stout continues pouring on his relentless punching attack. Stout picks up the pace even more in the final minute of the round, with Taylor doing his best to counter when he can. So far it hasn't been enough. Stout finishes the round with a successful takedown. Clear 10-9 round for Mr. Stout.

Round 2: Stout begins his ferocious assault early in the second. Taylor doesn't seem to have an answer for the problem Stout is presenting thus far. The action is repetitive at this point, with Stout keeping up a good pace and Taylor doing his best to score whatever he can whenever he can, which isn't nearly enough so far. Stout catches a kick attempt by Taylor and uses the momentum to take the Brit down to the mat. They scramble up quickly. Stout back to his typical offensive pattern, to the surprise of no one. Taylor seems to be having some better moments near the end of the round, mixing in some effective kicks to go along with the punches he's able to land. Stout still getting the better of the majority of the exchanges, although Taylor is still showing signs of life. Taylor misses a big head kick attempt and eats a counter-right from Stout for his efforts. Taylor is able to land a solid right hand as the round comes to a close. Taylor needs something big in the next and final round to have any chance at a decision (if it goes the distance).

Round 3: Round three picks up where round two left off, with both guys keeping a great pace for this being the 11th minute of the fight. Taylor is having better luck than has been the case in the fight so far, landing more shots. Taylor lands a sweet body shot that has Stout visibly hurt momentarily. Despite this, Stout is already back to his ridiculous pace and is mixing in some kicks now to go along with his never-ending punching assault. Stout's footwork is keeping him from eating nearly as many shots as he's dishing out. Stout lands a hard enough leg kick on Taylor that Taylor momentarily falls. He's back up quick though and partially lands a head kick. Stout's footwork and speed continues to be evident as the round and fight nears its' conclusion. As the round wraps up, Taylor throws everything he has left into the final seconds, hurting Stout with a hard body kick and some punches. The horn sounds and the fight is over. The fans in Anaheim appreciated that one. Taylor finished the final two rounds on a good note, but unfortunately he has pretty much no chance at the upcoming judges decision. Back with the official particulars in a moment.

Sam Stout def. Paul Taylor via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27) after 3 Rounds.

Mike Guymon vs. Daniel Roberts

Round 1: Coming up next. This will be our final non-televised preliminary bout of the evening. Up next will be the first televised prelim fight, Patrick Cote vs. Tom Lawlor, which is available to those with a little channel known as Spike TV. And our final non-televised prelim is officially underway. Roberts starts things off with a leg kick to Guymon. Roberts drops Guymon with a leg kick. Guymon is quick to return to his feet, where he is met with a crazy punch attack from Roberts. While trying to avoid the assault, both guys close the distance, where things finish up with Roberts securing an Anaconda choke on Guymon. That'll do it. Guymon tried his best but had no choice to tap. Roberts takes this one by submission.

Daniel Roberts def. Mike Guymon via Submission (Anaconda Choke) at 1:43 of Round 1.


Patrick Cote vs. Tom Lawlor

Round 1: Cote-Lawlor will kick off the televised portion of the two pay-per view lead-in fights, which are available live on Spike TV beginning at 9:00PM ET (approximately 15 minutes from now). Die-hard fans expect this to be a potential candidate for fight of the night. We shall see! Sit tight, we'll be back with the next update as soon as the horn sounds to get things going again. And we're back our first televised prelim is underway. For the sake of my sanity, during this match Tom Lawlor will be referred to as TL. Both guys come out wild swinging early. They clench up against the cage. TL is looking for a takedown. TL working some knees to the legs and foot stomps. TL changes levels for a takedown, no dice. TL gets the takedown. TL working from inside Cote's full guard. Action slows at 3:15 of round 1. Cote doing a good job of controling from the bottom. Crowd is getting relentless. Big John looking at a possible stand up. TL passes to side mount. Cote secures half guard. TL continues to work light ground and pound. TL working for an arm triangle. Crowd booing with passion. TL picking up the pace on top. TL locks in the arm triangle but Cote escapes. TL hoping to take Cote's back. TL locks in the rear naked choke Cote escapes winds up on top as the round ends.

Round 2: Both guys come out landing some shots. TL forces Cote against the cage. TL looking for a take down much like round one. TL gets the take down. TL passes to half guard. Cote regains full guard. TL lands a good elbow. Cote opens his guard looking for a submission. Denied. TL lands another good elbow. TL passes to half guard. Crowd getting relentless once again. TL stacks up. Landing good shots from the top. Both guys scramble back to their feet. TL gets a tie clench. He changes levels and secures a beautiful takedown landing in Cote's half guard. Cote looking for a kimura from the bottom. TL escapes and lands some shots. Cote relands full guard. Crowd booing the shit out of this. Big John restarts them on their feet. 30 seconds left in the round. Superman punch from Cote. Cote working kicks. Cote misses a big uppercut and eats a counter right

Round 3: TL immediately takes down Cote. TL looking for an arm triangle. TL uses the submission to pass to side mount. TL looking for full mount. Cote regains half guard. TL working elbows from the top. TL uses a crucifix attempt to pass to full mount. Cote regains half guard.Tl again looking for the arm triangle. Crowd is booing again. This fight isn't going anything like it was expected to, you can even call it boring. TL landing some hammer fists. Cote gets full guard. TL landing some elbows from within Cote's full guard. Big John stands them up again. Cote with a nice body kick. TL lands a nice jab. TL bullies Cote into the fence. 1:40 left on the clock. TL looking for the takedown and he gets it. Landing in Cote's half guard. Cote has a slight cut under his left eye, swelling a little. Not a whole lot going on, much has been the case this entire fight. TL tries yet again for the arm triangle. 30 seconds left in the fight. Cote regains full guard. TL finishes the round with some great punches from the top. Should be a clean sweep on the cards for TL.

Tom Lawlor def. Patrick Cote via Unanimous Decision (30:27, 30:27, 30:27) after 3 Rounds.

Court McGee vs. Ryan Jensen

Round 1: McGee lands a nice shot to start off the first round. Jensen clips McGee with a good punch. Jensen drops McGee with a right. McGee bounces right back up. Jensen with another right. Both guys clench up. Trade knees to the body. Jensen takes McGee down off the clench. Jensen quickly passes to McGee's half guard. Jensen stands up and lands some good punches. McGee wall walks back up. McGee is on wobbly legs. Jensen lands a partially blocked head kick on McGee. Jensen looking good. McGee looking tentative. Jensen with a nice combo. Jensen lands two great right hands back to back. McGee with a good lead right. Jensen misses a superman punch. Jensen with a good right hand. McGee with a nice inside leg kick. 1:30 left on the clock. McGee's spirits seem to be improving. McGee with a nice overhand right. Jensen misses a head kick. Jensen with a very good straight right hand. McGee with a crisp jab. McGee with some strong leg kicks. Jensen with a nice body shot. Jensen misses a wild overhand right.

Round 2: McGee lands a nice body kick to open the round. McGee with a nice body shot. McGee briefly stuns Jensen with a left hook. Jensen misses a head kick. McGee defends a take down attempt by Jensen. Jensen's starting to look tired. McGee's output continuing to increase. McGee with a body lock. McGee lands some nice punches. Jensen's nose is bleeding. Jensen nails McGee with a nice, tight right hand. Jensen with a nice body punch. McGee answers back with one of his own and a right hand to the face. Koscheck enters the building the entire arena boos the shit out of him. McGee misses a head kick. McGee with a nice combo. Jensen looking more and more tired. Crowd starts to chant GSP. McGee finishes the round with a take down.

Round 3: It could be even going into this final round. McGee with a huge takedown landing in Jensen's full guard. McGee passes to full mount. Working vicious elbows. McGee slaps on an arm triangle. Jensen taps.

Court McGee def. Ryan Jensen via Submission (arm-triangle) at 1:21 of Round 3.


Gabriel Gonzaga vs. Brendan Schaub

Round 1: And the PPV is officially underway. A lengthy feeling out process. Not a lot going on still. Brendan catches a body kick. And counters with a right. Moments later, Brendan lands another nice right hand. Brendan with a good combo. Gabriel is tentative. Gabriel misses a head kick. Brendan is staying busy with the hands. Good leg kick by Gabriel. 1:45 remains in the round. Brendan defends a takedown attempt by Gabriel. Nice jab by Brendan. Gabriel misses another head kick attempt. Both guys land nice shots in a punching exchange. Gabriel got woozy for a second. Brendan turns on the heat dropping Gabriel as the horn sounds.

Round 2: Brendan starts off the second round with a nice jab. Gabriel is tentative after being dropped in the first round. Really hard leg kick by Gabriel. And another. And another. Gabriel lands a nice punch. Brendan landing some nice punches as the crowd gets into the fight. Brendan lands some more nice punches on Gabriel. Gabriel with an inside leg kick. Brendan lands a ferocious combo finishing it up with knees. Gabriel looks discouraged. Gabriel breathing with his mouth wide open. Gabriel misses a head kick.

Round 3: Gabriel needs something big here if he wants a chance at decision. Gabriel misses a big wild left hand. Brendan shoots in for his first takedown of the fight, no dice. Both guys look tired, not a lot of action to speak of. Brendan with a nice body punch followed by a good punch up top. Three minutes left. Gabriel with a head kick attempt. Brendan with a nice combination. Referee asks for more action. Brendan with a nice overhand right. Gabriel lands a nice punch momentarilly stunning Brendan. 30 seconds left of the round. Good body kick by Gabriel. Both guys finish with a wild flurry. Brendan misses a takedown as the round ends.

Brendan Schaub def. Gabriel Gonzaga via Unanimous Decision (30:27, 30:27, 30:27) after 3 Rounds.

Tito Ortiz vs. Matt Hamill

Round 1: Tito lands a huge head kick to start the round. Matt lands a nice left. Tito fighting like a whole different person. Tito throwing a lot of kicks. Crowd is way into the fight. Matt takes Tito down off a body kick. Tito scrambles back to his feet. Tito bleeding from the side of his head. Tito with a body kick. Tito has a cut on his right eye, which is already swelling up. Tito with a leg kick. Matt with a stiff jab. Tito with a head kick partially blocked by Matt. Tito with a nice right. Tito actually fighting like a fighter for a change. He looks determined. Inside leg kick by Tito. Matt with a head kick blocked by Tito. Tito with a spinning backfist. Who is this and what did he do with the real Tito Ortiz? Matt throws an uppercut. Tito with a nice uppercut of his own. Both guys trade jabs. 30 seconds left in Round 1. Tito with a nice right hook on Matt. Matt hits Tito with a clean punch after the bell.

Round 2: Tito opens up the second with a nice leg kick. Matt with a nice straight right. Tito answers back. Tito with a nice body shot. Matt with a nice leg kick that finds the mark. Tito stuns Matt briefly with a nice left. Matt with a nice leg kick. Tito with a nice right. Tito with a head kick blocked by Matt. Matt answers back with an inside leg kick. Tito with a nice body punch which drops the hands of Matt. Matt shakes his head acknowledging a strong punch. Tito with a nice knee to the head. Matt answers back with a leg kick. Tito with a hook leg kick combo. Matt starting to breathe with his mouth open. Matt with a nice take down landing in Tito's full guard. Tito moving his hips, looking for submission opportunities. Matt with some nice, short elbows from the top. Tito throws his legs up for an armbar, Matt avoids it easily. Matt is starting to string his punches together from the top. Tito with an elbow from the bottom. 1 minute left on the clock. Tito looking for a kneebar. Matt rolls out. Ends up in side mount. Matt landing nice elbows from side control. Short but powerful. 30 seconds left. Tito bloody and swollen, looking like a Tito Ortiz victim. Tito regains half guard as the round ends. Tito's eyes are almost swollen shut. Matt once again throws a punch after the bell.

Round 3: Matt starts the round off with a nice uppercut. Matt with a nice left hook. Matt starting to look like Nick Diaz taunting Tito by flailing his arms around. Tito lands a nice right. Tito with a body kick. Slower pace so far than the previous two rounds. Tito with a great one two which snaps the head back. Tito with a huge body kick. Matt with a lead uppercut. Tito's face is a mess. Matt with a leg kick straight punch combo. Matt double jabs. Tito not doing much in the third. Tito with a nice left. Tito pawing with a jab. Tito shoots in, Matt easily defends. Matt with a nice straight right. Tito responds with a stiff jab. Tito with a nice uppercut. Matt takes Tito down. 1 minute left. It could be over for Tito. Matt working some nice elbows from Tito's half guard. The horn sounds to end the round and the fight. Could be an interesting decision, but should be an easy victory for Hamill. We'll see.

Matt Hamell def. Tito Ortiz via Unanimous Decision (29:28, 29:28, 30:27) after 3 Rounds.

Diego Sanchez vs. Paulo Thiago

Round 1: Diego comes out wild. No suprises there. Crowd really behind Diego. Diego lands a nice right. Paulo with a wild body kick. Diego tries to take Paulo down but gets stuck in a guillotine choke. Diego escapes. Now we're clenched against the cage. They seperate and start trading punches. Diego misses with a wild right hook. Diego with a nice right hook. Paulo takes Diego down landing in Diego's half guard. Paulo comes close on a number of submission attempts. They ultimately scramble back to their feet. Crowd cheers. One minute left. Nice body shot by Diego. Diego with a nice right hand. Diego with a nice combo. We're clenched against the cage again. Paulo flurries wild near the end of the round but Diego sneaks in an uppercut that momentarily stuns him. The round ends on that.

Round 2: Diego comes out switching stances. Nice leg kick by Diego. Then there is a huge flurry with Paulo sneaking in a really good right hand. Diego swinging like a madman. In a scramble they end up on the ground in a weird position. They settle with Thiago on the bottom. Thiago has a butterfly guard from the bottom. Thiago threatening with the kamura from the bottom. Just to force Diego to move positions. Diego passes to half guard. Paulo warned for an illegal elbow. Paulo again looking at the arm of Diego. Diego escapes and is standing over Paulo now. Diego dives back into Paulo's full guard. Thiago monkey flips Diego. Diego picks Thiago up runs across the cage screaming like a crazy person and slams him big time landing in Thiago's full guard. Crowd still cheering for that seconds later. Diego threatens with a rear naked choke. Lets it go to pound on Thiago. Diego looking to take Thiago's back. Thiago shakes him off and finishes the round throwing punches. Diego plays to the crowd.

Round 3: Thiago goes for a takedown early on but ends up on the bottom in a scramble. Diego in Thiago's half guard working ground and pound. Paulo going for a kimura. Diego takes Thiago's back. Now trying to get his hooks in. He has one hook in. And he's got the other. Diego looking for the rear naked. Diego switches to a body triangle. Diego lets the choke attempt go to pound away from the back. Still keeping the body triangle locked. Diego again looking for the choke. Diego has mount and body triangle now. Diego has regular full mount now. Thiago rolls, Diego has his back again. Thiago shakes him off but trips in the process. Diego settles in Thiago's half guard on the ground. Thiago clearly has a broken nose. It looks gross. Thiago threatens with a leg lock. No dice. Diego pounding away from his back. Diego is in Paulo's full guard now. He stands up. Paulo upkicks. Diego comes in with a huge punch that lands. Diego taking Paulo's back again. Diego finishes the fight with an insane flurry from the top. Crowd goes insane.

Diego Sanchez def. Paulo Thiago via Unaninimous Decision (30:26, 29:28, 29:28) after 3 Rounds.

Jake Shields vs. Martin Kampmann

Round 1: Jake comes out with a body kick. Jake lands a nice right to the head. Jake clenches against the cage. Jake looking for the takedown, and he gets it. Jake quickly passes to half guard. Even more quickly passes to side control. Martin regains half guard. Jake has full mount now. Jake looking for an arm triangle. They scramble back to their feet. Martin lands some knees to the body. Martin looking for a guillotine. Jake looking for a takedown again. No dice. So far this looks like ever Jake Shields fight i've ever seen. Martin seperates. Jake with a body kick. And a nice jab. Double jab by Jake. Martin jabs Jake. Leg kick by Jake. Jake drives through with a takedown.

Round 2: Martin lands a nice punch early in the second. Jake with a body kick. Jake goes for a takedown. Martin sprawls nicely. Jake clenches against the cage. Martin drops Jake with a knee and slaps on a guillotine. Jake escapes and takes Martin down. Martin puts the guillotine back on from the bottom. Jake passes to side mount. Martin scrambles back up gets a knee in there. Martin gets a Thai clench and throws some more knees. Jake escapes and bullies Martin into the cage. Jake takes him down. Jake's nose is bleeding now. Jake gets full mount. Martin hip escapes. Jake working from inside Martin's half guard. Crowd is not liking what they're seeing. Jake passes to full mount. One minute left. Martin bucks out of the mount and scrambles back to his feet. Martin has double underhooks. Referee restarts them. Martin lands a nice right. Martin should win this round, but with the take downs, you never know.

Round 3: Jake looks tired in the third and final round. Martin looks fresh. Jake's eye is swelling up too. Martin lands a head kick. Jake with some sloppy punch combos. Jake shoots in for a takedown Martin sprawls nicely. Jake is turtled up on the ground. Martin is hammerfisting the side of Jake's head. Martin looking for an anaconda. Martin lets it go and starts working some elbows from the top. Two minutes left in the round. Martin is going for the anaconda again. Jake escapes and settles in Martin's full guard. Jake passes to side control. Martin rolls. Jake takes his back. Martin tries standing up. Jake yanks him back down and gets his hooks in. He now looks for the rear naked. 30 seconds left. Jake has body triangle control. Fight ends there.

Jake Shields def. Martin Kampmann via Split Decision (29:28, 30:27, 29:28) after 3 Rounds

UFC Heavyweight Title:
-Brock Lesnar (c) vs. Cain Velasquez

Round 1: Brock bull rushes in. Cain stuns him with a punch. Both guys swinging like crazy people. Brock takes him down. Cain gets right back up. Clenched against the cage. Crowd is going ape shit. Brock takes him down. Cain bounces right back up like a frog. Cain breaks free. Crowd goes nuts. Brock's eye is cut and he is bleeding. Both guys hitting each other with big shots. Cain takes Brock down. Cain has Brock's back. Cain pounding away at side of Brock's head. Crowd is loving every second of it. Brock stands back up. Cain drops Brock with a series of strikes. 2 minutes left. Cain pounding away in side mount. Cain pounding the fuck out of Brock. This just looks just like Lesnar-Carwin Round 1. Crowd is going ballistic. Lesnar gets up. Cain knocks him back down. Brock turtles up. Brock is bleeding like a mad man. Cain pounds away. Ref stops it. Crowd goes wild.

Cain Velasquez def. Brock Lesnar via TKO (Ref Stoppage) at 4:12 of Round 1.

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