Saturday, November 26, 2022

Greg Jackson Responds To Dana White's Recent Criticism

Greg Jackson has finally responded to recent criticism from UFC President Dana White regarding his camp's tendency to fight cautious and fightong to win instead of fighting to entertain the fans.

Following Nate Marquardt's loss to Yushin Okami, White came down on the Jackson Camp and now Jackson has taken offense to the remarks and has gone on the defensive:

“Here's a quick stat for you. So there's been 22 [UFC events] this year? We had 12 bonuses so far this year. So one out of every two, one of my fighters got 'Submission of the Night,' 'Knockout of the Night,' or 'Fight of the Night.' [Dana] wants to say there's a consistency? Okay, let's look at statistical consistencies. Let's look at Jon Jones, who has finished every fight with me in the first round, except for that Matt Hamill one, which would have been a first-round stoppage anyway if he hadn't thrown that illegal elbow. Let's look at Carlos Condit, who had Fight of the Night and Knockout of the Night. Even people on the undercard who people don't really know yet. Kyle Noke, two finishes, both in the second round. Almost everybody on our team finishes consistently. It didn't bug me until Dana said it. Fans are fans, but Dana said that and, you know, I've worked really hard in his organization. If you look at my stats, they're insane. Imagine you give your life to something and then your boss comes up and says, 'Man, you suck.'”