Saturday, December 3, 2022

Karo Parisyan Talks His Use Of Judo In His Fights

“The Heat” Karo Parisyan has always gotten fans excited with his slick displays of Judo inside the Octagon and as he prepares for Dennis Hallman this weekend at UFC 123, the judoka explains how he sets up his opponents:

“Best thing about me, when I grab my opponent and I clinch with them, it's pretty easy for me to feel their weakness and their strength. I get them to dance. As soon as they start dancing, that's when I catch them. Judo is a dance. You dance with your partner and he makes a mistake and you catch him, you throw them on their head. It's very easy for me sometimes to throw opponents. At the same time, sometimes I feel like I'm cheating, sometimes it's so easy, with foot sweeps and all my hip tosses, and all the other arm drags or whatever people think I do. I think it all comes down to feel. I say that once and I'll always say it. Everything comes down to feel. You have to feel your opponent. Just like boxing, it's timing. Everything is timing and everything comes to that part where you have to feel, where it becomes second nature. It's like, 'How do you do it?' I don't know. It just happens. It's second nature. I feel it. And I feel the judo.”

Props USA Today