Sunday, December 4, 2022

Nate Marquardt Feels Georges St. Pierre Would Destroy Jake Shields

Nate Marquardt who is a training partner of UFC Welterweight Champ Georges St. Pierre talked this week about his a potential title challenger down the road for the Champ in Jake Shields and where he feels Shields stands in the 170lb. picture and how he'd fair against the St. Pierre:

“It's hard to say. I think he definitely would be good at middleweight but I thought he looked bad at 170. Part of it was the weight cut, but part of it is his style as well, and I think a lot of people underestimate Kampmann — he's a tough, well-rounded fighter. I don't think he's the best but he's good at everything. Shields is kind of the opposite — not good at some things but really good or the best at other things. I think putting Shields against a well-rounded opponent was bad for him against Kampmann and worse against Georges. I think Georges is going to destroy him.”