Monday, December 5, 2022

Rampage Jackson Feels Lyoto Machida Is A Boring Fighter

Quinton Jackson has an important bout on his hands at UFC 123 when he takes on Lyoto Machida in light heavyweight action and prior to the fight, Rampage has been giving his opinion on Machida's sometimes not so exciting style:

“Why would it change because I'm matched up with him? Why would I change how I like his fighting style just because I'm fighting him? I'm prepared for a fight. I'd rather fight someone who's going to put on a show like me and stand and bang. Those people are true warriors, true fighters like the way BJ Penn fights and Matt [Hughes] fights. I like watching guys like that fight. Other guys I'm not a fan of at all. I feel like I have a fighting spirit, a true warrior spirit. When you get in the octagon, you fight. It's not like boxing where guys are trying to outpoint each other and go for a decision. We're MMA fighters, we're the best athletes in the world. I just hate to see our sport change into boxing where people aren't even fighting anymore. I can't even watch a boxing match anymore.”