Thursday, December 8, 2022

Roy Nelson Not Happy That He Was Removed From UFC 125

Roy Nelson had a co-main event slot with his name on it for UFC 125 but an injury to his opponent Shane Carwin has led to Nelson being removed from the card, something he's not to happy about:

“I think my feelings were a little hurt. I was hoping they could find somebody to replace [Carwin]. This is one of the biggest cards of the year, and I was in the co-main event, and I was really trying to make sure my knee was better. The UFC really pushed me hard to get through with my rehab so I could fight on this card. My doctors said I shouldn't fight again until February or March, but I stepped up because the UFC wanted me to. I stepped up for the UFC, and I hoped they would do the same for me. The thing is nobody wants to fight a fat guy like me. Cro Cop is a legend in this sport, and I would've loved to have fought him. I'd like to fight [Antonio Rodrigo] Nogueira for the same reason. I'd love to fight [Alistair] Overeem, Brock Lesnar or The Undertaker. [UFC President] Dana White asks people, 'So, you want to be a f—ing fighter?' I love to fight. I'm one of those guys.”