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UFC 122 Results – Detailed Recap Of “Marquardt vs. Okami” Event

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Welcome to our live round-by-round coverage of the UFC 122: “Marquardt vs. Okami” event from the Konig Pilsener Arena in Oberhausen, Germany.

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Kris McCray vs. Carlos Eduardo Rocha

Round 1: Both guys come out throwing a few punches. McCray gets an early takedown. Rocha manages to reverse position and wind up in side-mount. McCray scrambles back up and takes Rocha down again, resecuring the favorable top position. Now McCray is in side-control. McCray is going for Rocha's back. McCray looking to sink in a rear-naked choke. Rocha turns out of the position and falls back for a kneebar attempt. It's good. McCray taps out. Rocha wins via submission due to kneebar at about the half-way point of round one.

Carlos Eduardo Rocha def. Kris McCray via Submission (kneebar) at 2:21 of Round 1.

Seth Petruzelli vs. Karlos Vemola

Round 1: Both guys come out exchanging punches. Vemola gets a slam-style takedown on Petruzelli. Petruzelli utilizes the rubber-guard to get the fight back standing. On the feet again, Vemola gets Petruzelli down again. Vemola is in Petruzelli's half-guard. Petruzelli is looking for an armbar. He got close, but Vemola manages to escape. Petruzelli gets the fight back to the feet again. While standing, Vemola takes Petruzelli's back and yanks him back to the ground. Vemola turns on some ground-and-pound, landing effective punches and elbows, leading to a referee stoppage. Vemola wins this one via TKO a little past the half-way point of the first round. With the loss, Petruzelli could be in danger of getting cut from the UFC, especially with their roster expanding due to the acquisition of two new divisions courtesy of the UFC/WEC merger.

Karlos Vemola def. Seth Petruzelli via TKO (strikes) at 3:46 of Round 1.

Kyle Noke vs. Rob Kimmons

Round 1: Both guys come out setting a ferocious pace early on. Noke takes Kimmons down, but Kimmons pops right back up. Noke clinches with Kimmons and takes him down again. Noke is in Kimmons' half-guard. Noke landing elbows from the top position. Noke advances position briefly, but Kimmons immediately sweeps him and is now on top in side-mount. Kimmons throwing elbows of his own from the top now. Noke rolls, giving Kimmons his back. The round ends shortly after that.

Round 2: Each guy lands a few punches early on before Noke clinches with Kimmons and yanks him down to the mat. Noke quickly gets the full-mount position and is immediately looking for an armbar. Noke takes Kimmons back during a scramble. Noke sinks in a rear-naked choke. He tightens it up and Kimmons taps out. Noke takes the victory by submission at just over a minute into the second frame.

Kyle Noke def. Rob Kimmons via Submission (rear-naked choke) at 1:36 of Round 2.

Pascal Krauss vs. Mark Scanlon

Round 1: Scanlon lands a nice combination of punches early on. Krauss answers back with a low kick. Scanlon takes Krauss down and nearly finishes him with a guillotine choke attempt. Krauss manages to get back to his feet. Both guys clinch and work against the cage. They break and we're back in the center of the cage now on the feet. Both guys are landing very good punches standing up here in the first round. Scanlon looks to take the fight to the ground but Krauss defends. Krauss bullies Scanlon into the cage and takes him down. Krauss is in Scanlon's half-guard on the ground now and is looking to pass to full mount. As he nearly does just that, Scanlon manages to scramble back to his feet. Krauss takes Scanlon down once more and is again in Scanlon's half-guard, hammering away with punches and elbows from the top as the round ends.

Round 2: Scanlon landing nice punches to start off the second round. Krauss is working some leg kicks. Scanlon bullies Krauss into the cage. Krauss turns him around and takes him down to the ground. Krauss is working from inside Scanlon's half-guard, working body punches from the top position. Scanlon gets his full guard from the bottom and is looking to grab hold of Krauss' leg for a submission. Krauss ends up in full-mount as a result. Krauss working punches and elbows from the mount. Scanlon gives up his back and Krauss works for the choke. Scanlon manages to turn out of the choke and regain his full guard. Krauss hammering away with shots from the top position as the round ends. Scanlon will need something big in the next and final round if he wants to win this one.

Round 3: Krauss comes out jabbing. Scanlon working his leg kicks. Scanlon lands a nice combination and follows it up with a successful takedown. Krauss gets back up but is taken back down immediately. They quickly work back to their feet again. Krauss looking for the takedown now but gets caught in a guillotine choke by Scanlon as he was coming in. They hit the ground and Krauss manages to escape the choke attempt. From top position on the ground, Krauss is mixing his punches to the body and head and Scanlon. Scanlon keeps guard and tries to sweep Krauss. Krauss avoids it and ends up in side-mount. Krauss lands some nice punches and elbows to Scanlon to finish out the round. Should be 30-27 across the board for Krauss.

Pascal Krauss def. Mark Scanlon via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27) after 3 Rounds.

Vladimir Matyushenko vs. Alexandre Ferreira

Round 1: Matyushenko starts the round off with a nice jab. Ferreira tries a takedown — no dice, Matyushenko defends it well. Matyushenko takes Ferreira down successfully but Ferreira pops back up immediately. Both guys clinch. Matyushenko takes Ferreira down off the clinch. Matyushenko is in Ferreira's full-guard and he is landing some effective elbows and punches. Matyushenko turns the heat up on his ground and pound and the referee has no choice but to stop the fight, giving Matyushenko the TKO victory at about half-way through round one. There seems to be an issue in the cage as to whether or not the elbows Matyushenko used to finish the fight were legal or not, but the victory stands regardless.

Vladimir Matyushenko def. Alexandre Ferreira via TKO (strikes) at 2:20 of Round 1.

PAY-PER VIEW FIGHTS (Airing In The U.S. @ 9PM ET./PT. On Spike TV)

Duane “Bang” Ludwig vs. Nick Osipczak

Round 1: This fight is up first on the televised/PPV portion of the card due to the Alessio Sakara vs. Jorge Rivera fight being canceled at the last-minute. Ludwig comes out with crisp striking. Nick O. working some leg-kicks. At about 90 seconds into the round, Ludwig lands a nice head-kick that gets a nice reaction from the live audience in Germany. Both guys are clinched against the cage now as Nick O. is looking for a takedown. Ludwig breaks free and lands an awesome combo with his hands. Ludwig with another head kick. Ludwig lands a knee to the face of Nick O. Nick O. lands a decent one-two with his hands. Ludwig is fighting a very aggressive style in the first, throwing a wide-variety of strikes ranging from knees to kicks and punches. Out of nowhere Nick O. drops Ludwig with a big shot. Ludwig stumbles and Nick O. knocks him down again. Nick O. hops on top of him and is hammering away trying to finish. Nick O. kind-of has mount, but Ludwig's leg is half-way out. Nick O. is in side-mount now with Ludwig bucking away, trying to break free. Ludwig gets to his feet but Nick O. takes him right back down. Ludwig regains his full guard. Ludwig is cut bad over his right eye. His face is a bloody mess. The round ends there.

Round 2: Ludwig's face is cleaned up and he seems determined to get back into the swing of things he had going for the first-half of round one. Ludwig working nice leg-kicks and following them up with punches. Nick O. is backing off and just getting hit so far here in the second. Ludwig throwing a lot of kicks, including multiple head-kicks. He lands one that is partially blocked by Nick O. Both guys clinch against the cage. Ludwig working some Muay Thai knees to the body. They seperate and Nick O. misses a head-kick attempt of his own. Ludwig's left eye is now cut as well. Ludwig with cuts over both eyes. Other than the one flurry by Nick O. near the end of round one though, you'd have no idea Ludwig is dominating this fight based on appearance alone. Ludwig is staying very busy, landing an assortment of strikes, working up and down the body of Nick O. with kicks and punches. Nick O. dives in for a takedown and gets it. He's in top position now inside Ludwig's full guard. 90 seconds left in the round. Ludwig opens his guard, trying to escape. He applies the butterfly guard from the bottom briefly, but switches back to full guard. Nick O. passes to half-guard. Ludwig's face is a bloody mess once again. 30 seconds left in the round and Nick O. is mainly just looking to advance position, not landing any strikes. The ref stops them and restarts the fight on the feet due to inactivity. Ludwig shoots in for a takedown of his own. Didn't see that coming. He doesn't get it and the horn sounds to end the round.

Round 3: Both guys start trading a bit but are stopped by the ref. Not sure why. Ahhh, Nick O. didn't have a mouth-piece in. Nick O. with a nice body kick. Ludwig again looking for the takedown. That is an odd strategy for Ludwig, and he's not having much luck with it. Ludwig gives up the attempt. Nick O. drops down now for a takedown but Ludwig defends. Ludwig with a push-kick, followed by a leg kick. Much slower pace to this round as compared to the first two. Nick O. breathing deep breaths out of his mouth now. Ludwig sees it and is turning up the heat a bit with his striking attack. Ludwig landing some good punch-combos, but they aren't doing a ton of damage. Ludwig with a head-kick which is partially blocked by Nick O. Nick O. is definitely visibly tired at this point. It's all Ludwig in this third and final round. Ludwig got a good body punch in and blasts him with a shot to the head to follow it up. Crowd erupted for that one, as Nick O. back-stepped big time after getting hit. Nick O. walks a few steps away with his hands down. Nick O. is clearly very fatigued. Ludwig lands a nice knee. Ludwig is landing a ton of shots on Nick O. Only guts and determination are keeping Nick O. up at this point. 90 seconds left and Ludwig lands a nice body kick. Ludwig clinches with Nick O. against the cage and lands a nice knee to the body, along with some elbows to the head. Ludwig is doing everything a man can do, and even with Nick O. completely gassed, it's not enough to finish the job. 30 seconds left in the round. Ludwig is slowing down a bit, otherwise he's setting up something big. He tries a head-kick but it doesn't land. Ludwig hears the 10-second warning and tries a takedown but doesn't get it. As the horn sounds to end the round, Ludwig finishes the takedown. Shouldn't count though, as it was after the bell. Regardless, Ludwig won this round big. Could be interesting scoring. Ludwig dominated the first round until he was dropped and pounded on for the final minute. The second round was mostly Ludwig until it hit the ground as well. Third was clearly Ludwig's round. Judges decision coming up in a moment.

Duane “Bang” Ludwig def. Nick Osipczak via Split Decision (30-28 Osipczak, 29-28 Ludwig, 29-28 Ludwig) after 3 Rounds.

Krzysztof Soszynski vs. Goran Reljic

Round 1: For the sake of my sanity, I'll be referring to Soszynski as “K.S.” for this one, much like I did with “Nick O.” for Nick Osipczak in the previous fight. Reljic I can handle. K.S. comes out with a leg-kick to start off the opening frame. Reljic answers back with one of his own. K.S. with a really nice inside leg-kick. K.S. rushes in but Reljic uses nice footwork to avoid the punches. Reljic tries a head-kick but K.S. blocks it. He tries another one immediately with the opposite leg, K.S. avoids it as well. K.S. lands a nice left hand. Reljic with a body kick that lands partially. K.S. knocked down due to being off balance while taking a punch. He pops right back up unphazed. K.S. lands a good punch. Reljic has a cut over one of his eyes, can't tell which one yet. Reljic dives in for a takedown attempt but K.S. showcases excellent takedown defense to avoid it. Both guys are clinched against the cage now. The ref seperates them after a lull in the action. Both guys are keeping a good pace on the feet here in the first round. Reljic tries for another takedown out of nowhere. He gets it this time. Reljic is inside K.S.'s half guard. K.S. is going for a kimura from the bottom. He's got Reljic's arm tied up good, leaving Reljic unable to do much of anything from the top other than land some ineffective hammer-punches to K.S.'s back. 30 seconds left, K.S. needs to yank on that arm if he wants to finish the submission. The round ends there with nothing happening.

Round 2: K.S. comes out swinging. He isn't landing anything of too much importance thus far, but he's staying busy. Reljic takes K.S. down. Reljic is inside K.S.'s full guard. Crowd is voicing their displeasure with the action slowing down. Reljic not doing a whole lot of anything from the top thus far as K.S. is doing a good job of keeping him tied up and nullifying his offense. K.S. keeps opening his guard and moving his hips, looking at his options from the bottom. Meanwhile, Reljic moves K.S. against the cage. Crowd is boo'ing loudly now. Ref warns them to turn it up or he'll restart them. Seconds left, he does just that. Back on the feet, K.S. immediately goes to work. Reljic answering back nicely. Crowd sounds somewhat like a Japanese crowd, silent outside of big moments in the fight. You can hear a solo voice yelling “elbow” clear as day in the silent atmosphere. Both guys are clinched against the cage. Not a whole lot going on here either. Crowd differs from a Japanese crowd in that respect, as they begin boo'ing again due to a lack of action. So it seems like they'll shit on the boring spots and just chill during the exciting one's, unless they're insanely exciting. Not exactly fair. Ref needs to jump in now as we're still clinched against the cage. Crowd is boo'ing louder then they have at any point in the show thus far. Not sure why the ref isn't restarting them. Well, now he does. Head-kick attempt by Reljic partially lands. Reljic goes for a takedown but K.S. avoids it and clinches with Reljic up against the cage. Round ends there. Not a terribly exciting round at all.

Round 3: Reljic landing some nice shots early in this the third and final round. K.S. is stalking Reljic now, but eating some good shots from Reljic as he does. Reljic tries a takedown but K.S. saw it coming a mile away and sprawled with ease. Reljic might be looking to turn the corner and finish the takedown. K.S. turns the corner instead and has Reljic's back. Reljic rolls for a kneebar but K.S. stays heavy on his leg. K.S. is back to controlling Reljic's back as Reljic remains turtled up on all-fours in the center of the cage. K.S. landing some decent punches. Reljic again rolls for a kneebar. K.S. defends it but loses position. K.S. stands up and is hammering down but Reljic manages to stand up as well. Reljic's face is swollen up a bit from the K.S. hammer-fists on the ground. Reljic shoots in for a takedown but K.S. defends. They're clinched against the cage now. K.S. grabs a standing kimura on Reljic, ala Kazushi Sakuraba. He's holding onto the arm as they remain up against the fence. Crowd is chanting something, I can't make out what it is though. K.S. pulls on the arm, looking to finish it, but Reljic gets his arm free. Both guys seperate and trade shots. K.S. attempts a knee, but Reljic saw it coming and dropped down to the ground on his own to avoid it. K.S. hops on top of him and is landing some shots from the top position. K.S. is inside Reljic's half-guard with 30 seconds left in the final round. K.S. pushes Reljic up against the cage. K.S. hears the 10-second warning, stands up and hammers down with some huge bombs to finish out the round. That woke the crowd up a bit. “That was a great fight” – Joe Rogan. No. No, it wasn't.

Krzysztof Soszynski def. Goran Reljic via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27) after 3 Rounds.

Amir Sadollah vs. Peter Sobotta

Round 1: Sobotta comes out with a vicious combo. It doesn't fully land, but there was bad intentions behind it. Sadollah working some leg kicks. Sadollah comes in wild with a punch-combo, nothing finding the mark. Crowd seems way into Sobotta. Both guys are clinched against the cage. Sobotta seperates and throws an elbow as he does. Both guys are using a lot of movement. Sobotta is putting a lot behind his shots, but there aren't fully finding the mark. We're clinched against the cage again. Sobotta tosses a few head-kicks up to keep Sadollah from closing the distance. Both guys each land a nice punch. Sadollah with a nice leg kick. Sadollah is throwing a lot of leg kicks in this first round. Sadollah with a knee attempt but doesn't land it. Crowd is chanting something loudly, but again I can't make out what they're saying. Sobotta has Sadollah's back standing. He throws a hook in but decides against it. He keeps Sadollah's back while standing as they lean against the cage. Sadollah tries turning into Sobotta but Sobotta manages to avoid it. And now Sadollah does turn into Sobotta and we're in a regular over-under clinch against the fence again. One minute left in the opening frame. Sadollah has double-underhooks. He attempts a takedown but can't finish it. Sobotta drops down for a leg, looking for a takedown of his own. Sadollah is defending nicely. Sobotta is working hard for the takedown but Sadollah is having none of it. Ten second warning hits and the two seperate. Sadollah comes charging in with a bunch of kicks, landing none of them with any real force. Round ends there.

Round 2: Sobotta looks a little more tired than Sadollah, as he comes into the second breathing with his mouth open. Sadollah back to working his relentless leg kicks here in the second. He mixes in a head kick but it doesn't fully land. Sadollah switches to a punch-combo attempt, but it doesn't do any damage. Sobotta with a spinning back-kick attempt. Crowd liked that. Sadollah charges in with punches. He lands a nice right to the head after leading with a body shot. Sadollah is turning up the heat on his striking assault in the second round. He's still throwing tons of kicks, but he's getting busier with the hands in this round. Sadollah's nose is bleeding a little bit, nothing major. Sadollah with another head-kick attempt. This one lands a little more than the previous attempts have. Sadollah is definitively winning this round so far, whereas in the first round there was no clear-cut “obvious” winner of the round. Sobotta shoots in for a takedown. He gets him down, as the crowd explodes in approval, but Sadollah pops back up quicker than a hiccup. Sadollah lands a vicious leg-kick that prompts a reaction from Sobotta this time. Sobotta attempts a kick and ends up falling to the mat. Sadollah follows him in and is in Sobotta's half guard. Sadollah stands out of it, choosing to return to the feet. Wise move. Sobotta is slow getting up, those leg-kicks of Sadollah seem to be adding up now. Sadollah is still seemingly fresh, staying incredibly busy with kicks and punches in this round. 30 seconds left in the round. Sadollah with a bunch of leg-kicks and a push-kick that somewhat put Sobotta down. Seemed like he was more off-balance or just voluntarily going down. Regardless, the horn sounded as soon as it happened. Sadollah definitely took this round. Final round is up next.

Round 3: Sadollah comes in with frantic movement, going right back into his leg-kick attack that has served him so well thus far. Sobotta looks to be the more-tired of the two in this, the final round of the fight. Sadollah lands a vicious leg kick that echo's throughout the arena. He throws up a head-kick attempt, but it didn't really land. Sadollah landed a really good leg-kick this time that wobbles the lead-leg of Sobotta. Sadollah senses it and picks up the pace some more. This allows Sobotta to grab hold of a leg of Sadollah as he attempted a low-kick. Sobotta tries using it to take him down but Sadollah defends beautifully. We're clinched against the cage now with half of the final round remaining. Both guys break free and Sadollah lands another mean leg-kick. Sadollah follows that up this time with a nice one-two punch combination. Sadollah is really chopping away with leg kicks in this round and Sobotta's legs are noticably effected. To his credit, Sobotta is still throwing punches and he even tried another spinning-back kick. Still, it's all Sadollah in this one. Sadollah lands a few good punches as we hit one-minute remaining in the final round. Sadollah with some more leg-kicks, which he follows up with some punches. You can sense Sadollah wants to finish this one inside the distance but it seems as though Sobotta is going to be able to tough it out. Sadollah lands a nice knee to the face which he follows up with a body-kick. Ten second warning hits as Sobotta misses a punch combo-attempt. Sadollah lands one more leg kick as the round ends. No doubt in this one, Sadollah is taking this decision. We'll have the official judges numbers in a moment.

Amir Sadollah def. Peter Sobotta via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27) after 3 Rounds.

Editor's Commentary: We need an exciting fight. Other than Ludwig-Osipczak in the opener, this has not been what you would call the most exciting show in the world. It's generally thought of by MMA fans that the cards without all of the star-power are the one's that end up having the most exciting fights. That is not the case at all in this one. We lost the co-main event, every fight has gone the distance, and outside of the opener with Ludwig, this has been a boring show.

Dennis Siver vs. Andre Winner

Round 1: Both guys come out swinging wild. Winner lands a nice knee. He follows it up with a nice leg kick. Siver answers back with one of his own. Siver is swinging wild as hell due to the reach disadvantage. Winner is keeping a healthy distance and picking his shots. Winner lands a nice head-kick that briefly stuns Siver. Siver answers right back though. Siver gets a hold of Winner's leg and is looking for a takedown. Siver lights Winner up a bit as he decides to let go of the leg. Crowd is insanely behind Siver, for obvious reasons. This is the most alive they've been all night. Winner lands a decent leg kick as the pace slows down just a tad. Siver is looking to close the distance. Siver comes in swinging wild with short, powerful punches. Two minutes left in the round. Siver drops Winner with a punch. He follows in with a barrage of punches. He's looking to TKO him but he decides to switch to Winner's back instead. He's got both hooks in and he's looking to finish this with a choke. And he does. Siver takes this one by submission in the first round. It wasn't exactly a rear-naked choke. He had one of Winner's arms trapped and finished the choke, palm-to-palm. A modified rear-naked choke is what I'll call it I guess, unless Bruce Buffer gives me something better here in a moment.

Dennis Siver def. Andre Winner via Submission (modified rear-naked choke) at 3:37 of Round 1.

Alessio Sakara vs. Jorge Rivera

NOTE: This fight was canceled at the last-minute. Apparently Sakara pulled out due to some sort of illness. The exact illness has yet to be revealed as of the live airing of UFC 122 in Germany. For more details on this situation, read our report at the following link: SPOILER: Main-PPV Card Bout Off UFC 122 Tonight.

Nate Marquardt vs. Yushin Okami

Round 1: And here we go. It's time to find out who's next in line for a guaranteed UFC middleweight title shot. Marquardt and Okami come out circling, feeling each other out. I hope I'm wrong, but with each of these guys' styles, this could be a boring fight. Okami tries a takedown but Marquardt slaps on a guillotine choke attempt. He releases the choke and settles into Okami's full guard. Okami switches to butterfly guard. Okami controlling the arms of Marquardt and is also controlling the hips of Marquardt with his feet. Marquardt tries muscling his arms out of the grip of Okami. It's always been said that Okami is freaky-strong for 185 pounds. Marquardt passes to half-guard. Three minutes left in the opening frame. Okami regains full guard. They stand up and Marquardt immediately slaps on a guillotine choke. He drops down with it, hoping to finish, but Okami easily escapes. Okami is on top now, with Marquardt stuck against the cage. Okami is in Marquardt's half guard. Marquardt gets his full guard. Okami throwing some wimpy punches, trying to distract Marquardt so he can pass his guard. And he does. Okami is in Marquardt's half guard now. 90 seconds left in the round. Okami stands up and Marquardt briefly tries a leg submission on Okami. Okami escapes, Marquardt pops up, and we're back on the feet now. Okami lands the best punch of the fight so far, a solid right hand shot as Marquardt was up against the cage. We're clinched against the cage now with Okami looking to take Marquardt down. Okami drops down to Marquardt's legs now, looking for a double-leg takedown. He gets Marquardt down up against the cage as the ten-second warning hits. Okami is in Marquardt's half guard landing some elbows as the horn sounds to end the first round. I'd have to go 10-9 Okami due to the takedowns and the big punch earlier on in the round. By no means a blow-out, however.

Round 2: Both guys care a bit cautious to start the second round. Okami is first to make a move as he dives at Marquardt's legs for a takedown. No dice. We're circling again now with each guy pawing with their jab. Marquardt dives in for a takedown now. No dice for him either. One minute has passed in the second round. Okami drops down for a takedown attempt on Marquardt against the cage. No dice. We're clinched against the cage again. Okami throwing some light knees to the body of Marquardt in the clinch. Marquardt answers back with a knee of his own and follows it up with the most impressive takedown of the fight. He got him down with authority this time. Marquardt has Okami up against the cage on the ground. Okami sits up a bit and is looking to possibly wall-walk his way back up. Okami has an underhook now and is making his move to stand up. He does. Marquardt takes him back down but Okami is quick to pop back up. They seperate and Marquardt misses a spinning-kick attempt. Okami lands a decent punch and changes levels for a takedown attempt. Two minutes left in the round. Marquardt is still fighting off the takedown attempt by Okami as the crowd voices their displeasure with this main event matchup. Not a whole lot happening in the last minute or so and the crowd is letting them hear it. Okami lets go of the leg and they seperate. One minute left in the round. A lot of circling and nothing-jabs so far since the seperation and the crowd's boo's increase. Okami tries a flying knee but Marquardt timed it nicely and caught him coming in with a punch. 10 second warning hits as Okami misses a big right hand. Marquardt lands a nice punch just a split-second after the horn sounds. That was likely Marquardt's round. Again, not by any means a blow away. This one is even on my card going into the third and final round.

Round 3: Both guys throwing weak jabs and circling for the first minute of this, the final round of the evening. Marquardt is circling a lot and backing away as Okami stalks him. Okami is tense, looking like he's got something big on his mind. Meanwhile, Marquardt snaps Okami's head back with a jab. Okami lands a nice combo with his hands. Okami is the more aggressive of the two in this round so far. Marquardt is doing a lot of backing and circling. Okami stuns Marquardt with a good punch that prompts a nice reaction from the crowd. The crowd is starting up an “Okami” chant now as we hit the half-way point of the final round. Okami is finding his timing now as Marquardt finally bulls in with some punch attempts, but Okami avoids them and counters nicely. Okami is winning this round. Two minutes remain. Marquardt with a decent counter-punch, his first real effective offense in the round thus far. Marquardt lands a decent combo. Marquardt with a nice takedown on Okami. That's big because while Okami has been busier in this round, he wasn't doing anything really devastating and we all know how judges score takedowns in the UFC. Okami manages to work his way back to his feet before Marquardt can do anything with the takedown. 45 seconds remaining in the fight. Okami lands a nice left-hand. 30 seconds left in the fight. Okami is throwing and landing more but Marquardt will wake up every so-often and land a decent shot that leaves a slightly bigger impression. Round ends there. Crowd boo's the shit out of the fight. The takedown may have won Marquardt the fight, we'll see. Personally, I'd give the round to Okami. In any matter, this fight will likely be debated and disputed on the MMA message boards all over the internet.

Yushin Okami def. Nate Marquardt via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 30-27, 29-28) after 3 Rounds..

Editor's Commentary: I feel the right guy won. However, as is always the case in the UFC and in big fights in general, there was one dumbass judge. There's no way Okami won the second round. That was maybe the most definitive round of the three, and in Marquardt's favor. With the victory, Okami moves on to challenge the winner of the Anderson Silva vs. Vitor Belfort middleweight title fight. Okami said in his post-fight interview via a translator that he wants to fight Anderson Silva for the title. That would be a rematch of a controversial first fight that Okami won via disqualification. It's a decent marketing hook for the UFC as it stands to this day as the last “loss” on the professional MMA record of Silva.

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