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UFC 123 Results – Rampage Edges Out Machida, Penn KOs Hughes

MMANEWS.COM Staff Writer

Welcome to our live round-by-round coverage of the UFC 123: “Rampage vs. Machida” event from The Palace of Auburn Hills in Auburn Hills, Michigan.

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Tyson Griffin vs. Nik Lentz

Round 1: Referee Herb Dean announces the first fight launching UFC 123. Round one begins. Griffin takes a kick to the body by Lentz. Lentz shoots in and secures an immediate takedown on Griffin. Both men are now in position for ground game. Lentz passes to side but Griffin gets out and stands up. Lentz shoots in for another takedown and Lentz attempts a guillotine to no avail. Griffin unsuccesfully tries to slam Lentz. Quick scramble leaving Griffin on top. Lentz is able to get back to his feet with Griffin trying to keep him on the ground. Lentz is unable to break free and is forced to fight off several takedown attempts by Griffin while standing in the clinch. Crowd grows relentless. Another takedown and Lentz gets back to his feet. Lentz lands a nice body kick to end the round.

Round 2: Lentz and Griffin circle one another opening round two. Lentz goes high with a kick that misses Griffin. The fighters collide with combos. Lentz shoots with a single leg, putting Griffin against the cage. Griffin circles out. The crowd grows relentless once again. Griffin with severak short punches. Lentz is knocked off balance as he thwos a kick. Griffin misses a right hook. Lentz presses Griffin up against the cage and mounts him. Griffin quickly returns to his feet. Lentz with a strong right. Griffin goes for a single leg drag-takedown. Lentz locks in a guillotine as Griffin takes him to the mat. Lentz works butterfly guard, putting his back against the cage to return to his feet. Round slows. Lentz tries to return to his feet in the last 10 seconds of the round. Griffin slams Lentz ending round two.

Round 3: Lentz takes two hits early in round three. Griffin leaves Lentz staggering around the ring. Lentz stays in the pocket and starts thowing punches back before giving up a takedown with Griffin landing in his half guard. Lentz attempts an armbar, Griffin slides out. Lentz works butterfly guard again and is pressed into the cage. Griffin drags Lentz to center ring. Lentz gets back up as Griffin locks in a guillotine. Lentz slams him down, all-the-while Griffin hangs onto the choke. Lentz finally escapes and is working elbows from the top on the ground. Lentz grabs hold of an arm and is squeezing for all he's got. They work back to their feet and slug it out. Lentz gets one final takedown as the round – and the fight – comes to an end.

Nik Lentz def. Tyson Griffin via Split Decision (29-28, 27-30, 29-28) after 3 Rounds.

Paul Kelly vs. T.J. O'Brien

Round 1: O'Brien is slammed into the cage by Kelly opening round one. O'Brien comes out swinging and is able to create distance between himself and Kelly. Kelly throwing several heavy hands backing O'Brien into the cage once again. O'Brien attemps a leg kick. Kelly blocks. O'Brien goes for a high kick that is checked. O'Brien uses several front kicks to back Kelly into the corner. Kelly checks O'Brien's front kick knocking O'Brien off balance. O'Brien is told to return to standing position. Kelly begins to swing wildly. Kelly attempts knees from the clinch, returning to center cage. O'Brien thows a leg kick causing Kelly to stagger. O'Brien is forced against the cage as Kelly begins wildly swinging again. Kelly looks for a Muay Thai clinch. Ref wants a retart. O'Brien attempts a flying knee. Kelly catches O'Brien and takes him to the ground. Kelly swings then returns to his feet. O'Brien stands again. Kelly with several hooks. Kelly is bleeding from his nose. Round ends with several kicks traded.

Round 2: Kelly comes out wildly in round two. Kelly drops O'Brien with a combo. Kelly pounces and lands more punches. O'Brien attempts to get Kelly into a triangle-choke. O'Brien and Kelly matching punch for punch in center ring. O'Brien hops into mount landing several punches. O'Brien looking for the rear-naked choke. Kelly gives up his back. Kelly escapes taking top position and secures the crucifix position delivering several punches. O'Brien tries to break free to no avail. Kelly continues to throw punches. Ref checks in, O'Brien seems ok. Kelly continues to punch aggressively. Kelly begins throwing short elbows, after about ten are landed, the ref calls a stop the match.

Paul Kelly def. T.J. O'Brien via TKO (strikes) at 3:16 of Round 2.

Edson Barboza vs. Mike Lullo

Round 1: Both guys come out exchanging punches. Lullo is mixing in leg kicks. Barboza counters a leg kick with a punch the doesn't reach. Lullo continues with low leg kicks. Barboza tosses Lullo to the mat. Barboza lands in side control. Lullo returns to his feet as does Barboza. Barboza attempts the gogoplata as he slams a shin across Lullo's throat. Lullo throws punches from his back while holding the choke. Lullo continues throwing punches after the ref check Barboza. Lullo works several elbows. Barboza attempts to break free from the choke once again. Barboza gets back to his feet. Lullo lands several jabs. Barboza knocks Lullo to the ground with a single kick. Lullo misses a haymaker.

Round 2: Barboza comes out strong with several low kicks on Lullo. Lullo get Barboza against the cage with an unsuccessful takedown attempt. Barboza lands several more low kicks. Lullo goes high with his guard. Lullo grabs Barboza's arm between his legs and begins to throw repeatitive elbows. Barboza breaks free. Barboza sidesteps Lullo's jab attempts. Barboza misses an uppercut. Lullo pulls guard and delivers several punches from his back. Both men return to their feet. Barboza with a low kick dropping Lullo to the mat. Barboza with a nice leg kick dropping Lullo to the mat once again ending round two.

Round 3: Barboza with a leg kick that drops Lullo to the mat. Barboza does so once again, dropping a sickening blow. Barboza connects one more time with Lullo rolling on the mat in pain. The ref calls a stop to the fight and Lullo accepts the TKO stoppage bitterly.

Edson Barboza def. Mike Lullo via TKO at 0:26 of Round 3.

Dennis Hallman vs. Karo Parisyan

Round 1: Both men touch gloves and the match is underway. Kallman steps out of the way of Parisyan's first shot attempt. Kallman begins with several rights which are matched by Parisyan's rights. Parisyan moves in with an attempted takedown. Hallman is pinned against the cage with a body lock. Still no take down. Hallman attempts a guillotine, Parisyan breaks free. Parisyan once again pins Hallman against the cage. Ref declares a restart. Parisyan lands a hook after several punches. Hallman clips Parisyan with a right hand to the head dropping Parisyan. Hallman with several hammerfists. Ref calls a stop the match.

Dennis Hallman def. Karo Parisyan via TKO (strikes) at 1:47 of Round 1.


Mark Munoz vs. Aaron Simpson

Round 1: Munoz and Simpson pumping up in their corners as they are announced. Ref Mark Fennell tells both men to touch gloves and the match begins. Simpson with a shot to the chest of Munoz. Munoz looks for a single. Lock up against the cage. Simpson with knees to the chest of Munoz. Munoz backing Simpson into the cage. Munoz with a slew of right hooks. Munoz pushes in and lands a decent left hand on Simpson. Simpson blocks several strikes by Munoz and slams a takedown. Munoz pulls free and starts firing several shots on Simpson. Several shots traded. Simpson lands a high knee. Munoz moves in for a takedown to no avail. Simpson attempts a leaping knee to end round one.

Round 2: Munoz avoiding Simpson's strike attempts early in round two. Munoz tries to get in tight but Simpson moves to the back in a scramble. Munoz with a spinning elbow. Simpson begins to stagger. Both men firing off shots. Munoz moves in for a takedown. Simpson jumps right back up. Quick shot to Munoz who is bleeding from his head. Munoz gets a kick to the cup. Ref calls for a restart. Munoz lands several powerful kicks to the body. Munoz lands a slapping high kick to the face of Simpson. Munoz lands a low blow, the fight is stopped momentarily. Simpson throws several more power punches. Munoz lands much more efficiant punches to end the round.

Round 3: Simpson clinched up with Munoz on the cage. Simpson with several right hands. Munoz misses a right leg kick. Simpson attempts to take Munoz down. Simpson with a front choke on Munoz. Simpson with head shots on Munoz. Munoz gets back to his feet. Munoz with several shots to the face of Simpson. Simpson retaliates with several shots to the face on Munoz. Both begin to slow up with 30 seconds left in the fight. Munoz wrecking Simpson in the last several seconds of the fight. That was an amazing fight!

Mark Munoz def. Aaron Simpson via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28) after 3 Rounds.

Matt Brown vs. Brian Foster

Round 1: Ref Herb Dean begins the match. Brown with a beautiful leg kick on Foster. Foster with a combo. Brown takes Foster down attempting to get mount. Brown gets side control. Brown ties up Foster's right arm. Foster counters. Scramble while trying to get his hooks in. Foster tries to switch into an armbar. Japanese neck tie attempt by Foster. Foster with several knees to the body of Brown. Foster with a strong right and taking Brown to the mat. Foster in side guard. Attempt to pass, no avail. Brown on top of Foster. Brown with control of the wrist attempt to take hooks once again. Foster trying to shake Brown off. Brown attempting a submission. Foster able to get out and move into half guard. Foster back to his feet. Brown receiving several arms to the face of Foster.

Round 2: Brown opens the round with a strong right kick. Ref stops the match momentarily after Foster gets an accidental cup shot. Match starts back up. Ref once again stops the fight momentarily to let Foster get his barrings. Foster slams Brown to the ground. Brown on his back. Foster standing above Brown throwing right hands and right leg kicks. Crowd begins to boo. Brown attempting to lock up. Snakes his arm through. Foster trying to clench the body of Brown. Foster repeatidly punching Brown in the face. Foster gets a guillotine on Brown causing a tapout submission.

Brian Foster def. Matt Brown via Submission (guillotine choke) at 2:11 of Round 2.


Joe Lauzon vs. George Sotiropoulos

Round 1: (For the sake of the fight and my sanity, George Sotiropoulos will be referred to as GS throughout this bout.) Both men touch gloves and the match begins. Several straight right hands by GS. GS gets the clinch on Lauzon. GS again with right hands. GS connects with a combination. GS gets a single and attempts to take Lauzon down. Lauzon with a right hand to the face of GS. GS retaliates with three straight right hands. Lauzon with big elbows hammering away at GS. GS with a body lock and double under hooks with hands clasped together holding Lauzon against the cage. Lauzon defends the takedown attempt by GS. Muay Thai clench by Lauzon. GS pulls guard, Lauzon gets out. Lauzon on top in half guard. Lauzon stands up. GS tries to get a single. GS passes to full guard. GS spins to the back with an over under taking Lauzons back. GS takes Lauzon into side control. GS wraps up Lauzon's right arm. Thirty seconds left in the match. GS with body shots while in full mount on Lauzon. GS goes for an armbar. Lauzon with several body shots to end the round.

Round 2: GS striking on Lauzon to start round two. GS attempts a takedown dragging Lauzon to the ground. Both men quickly get back up. GS once again tries to drag Lauzon down as he holds him against the cage. GS with a single on Lauzon. GS's punches slow down. GS with several knees to the body of Lauzon. Big scramble leaving GS on top. GS moves to side. GS attempts a kimora. Slips. GS goes for an armbar. Slips again. GS pins Lauzons arm down in the grapple.

George Sotiropoulos def. Joe Lauzon via Submission (tapout) at 2:43 of Round 2.

Tim Boetsch vs. Phil Davis

Round 1: Phil throws the first right hand opening round one. Phil with two right kicks on Tim. Tim with a kick, Phil retaliates with a right kick of his own. Both men dancing around the ring. Crowd becomes restless. Phil with another strong right leg. Phil attempts a takedown. Tim holding Phil's leg and looking for a takedown. Phil rolls out. Phil pushing forward on Tim. Phil with a knee to the chest of Tim. Phil gets a double and takes Tim to the ground. Phil trying to secure a choke. Tim tries to lock up half guard. Phil with hard shots to the body of Tim. Tim tries to get the underhook on the leg of Phil. Phil with elbows to the face of Tim. Tim working on the hips of Phil trying to switch guard. Phil continues to throw elbows. Tim unable to reverse position. Phil moves to full guard. Both men back to their feet. Good clench by Phil. Lockup on the cage to end round one.

Round 2: Phil with a kick to the face of Tim to start off round two. Tim with a nice combo on Phil. Phil attempts a takedown. Phil gets the double under hooks on Tim. Phil tries to swipe the leg of Tim but turns back to double under hooks. Crowd begins to boo as the men stay clenched up against the cage. Phil with a knee to the midsection of Tim. Phil drops down to attempt a guillotine. Tim is in half guard attempting to get to full guard. Phil on top looking for a kimura. Phil locks up the wrist. Phil tries to get the straight arm bar. Tim's arm is tied up and twisted behind his back. Phil applying pressure. Phil with a one-armed kimura causing Tim to tap out.

Phil Davis def. Tim Botesch via Submission (one-armed kimura) at 2:55 of Round 2.

Maiquel Falcao vs. Gerald Harris

Round 1: Falcao and Harris circle in center ring to start off round one. Harris throws the first left hook. Harris in south paw stance. Harris with a jab on Falcao. Harris connects with another right jab. Crowd boos as both men continue to circle in the ring. Ref demands they meet up. Harris swing and miss. Crowd begins to boo once again. Harris throws a left and misses. Falcao with a right kick. Falcao suddenly pounces throwing knees and elbows. Falcao pins down Harris's arm while on top of him. Falcao continues to pound Harris into the ground against the cage. Falcao looking for a choke. Falcao gets a sprawl. Harris gets choked even after the sound of the bell.

Round 2: Falcao wastes no time in the beginning of round two with wild punches and more ground and pound. Falcao gets Harris's back once again with one hook, working on the second hook. Falcao with his arm across Harris's neck trying to flatten him out or pull him backwards. Falcao switches arms and tries to get under Harris's chin. Falcao with big shots to the face of Harris. Harris turns around. Falcao gets double under hooks and begins to throw knees on Harris. Harris with major swelling under both eyes. Harris tries to get in a jab. Harris with a single on Falcao. Falcao against the cage. Falcao tries to sprawl under.Harris drops Falcao, but Falcao gets right back to his feet. Falcao with a kick to the body of Harris. Falcao with a bomb kick to the head of Harris. Harris with double under hooks on the legs of Falcao. Harris struggling for a takedown. Not much happening at fifteen seconds. Both men back to their feet. Harris with a right hook as the bell sounds.

Round 3: Round three is slow to start with both men tired. Falcao with a leg kick. Harris with a sloppy right jab that barely connects. Crowd boos once again. Falcao takes a couple week jabs by Harris. Harris over the top with a left tap on Falcao's head. Crowd becoming relentlessly impatient and booing again. Mid-round, still no action. Harris attempts a takedown. Both men just hopping around the ring. 10 seconds left in the round, Falcao tries to charge Harris in the final 3 seconds of the round. The crowd boos.

Maiquel Falcao def. Gerald Harris via Unanimous Decision (29-27, 29-28, 29-28) after 3 Rounds.

Matt Hughes vs. B.J. Penn

Round 1: Crowd roars as Hughes enters the ring. Penn waiting in his corner as the bout is formally announced by Bruce Buffer. Both men touch gloves as the match begins. Penn comes out with a combo. Matt attempts to kick Penn, Penn catches Hughes leg and drops him to the mat. Several more punches on the ground for the knockout. Ref calls a stop to the match at of round one.

BJ Penn def. Matt Hughes via KO (punches) at 0:21 of Round 1.

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson vs. Lyoto Machida

Round 1: Ref Herb Dean makes Jackson and Machida touch gloves to begin this three round main event. Rampage quickly corners Machida. Machida throws the first kick to the inner left leg of Rampage. Another kick by Machida. A third kick by Machida to the knee of Rampage. Rampage charges but does not strike Machida. Machida with another inner thigh kick on Rampage.Machida pulls back as Rampage goes in for some jabs. Rampage ties up with Machida against the cage. Rampage with one hook locked in, throwing left jabs to the chest of Machida. Rampage shoving his knee into Machida's inner thigh. Rampage with an uppercut and pushing forward. Rampage checks Machida's knee attempt with his right hand. Machida with a body kick on Rampage. Another lockup against the cage, Rampage with one hook locked in. Machida throwing close range knees. Bothmen back to the center of the ring. Rampage with a strong left hook. Rampage with a one-two combo on Machida. Inside kick by Rampage to end the first round.

Round 2: Rampage charges in to start round two. Machida with a knee to the chest of Rampage. Machida with a leg kick. Rampage charges Machida and locks up against the cage. Rampage with shots to the body of Machida. Crowd chanting 'Rampage!'. Ref pulls both men apart then continues the fight center ring. Machida attempts to throw another kick and misses. Rampage misses a left jab. Rampage with a knee to the body of Machida. Rampage with a takedown. Rampage carefully trying to get out of the kimora attempt by Machida. Both men stand back up. Rampage catches Machida with a left hand following the clench. Machida blocks the right hand of Rampage. Locked up against the cage once again. Rampage with slow and steady body shots on Machida. Rampage with a knee to the body. Several uppercuts to the body of Machida. Rampage blocks the head kick attempted by Machida. Machida with a nice right kick. Clench again. One minute left in round two. The crowd begins to boo. Ref warns both men to start fighting and pick up the pace. Machida tries to take Rampage down to no avail. Both men looking tired. Machida with a powerful right leg as the bell sounds.

Round 3: Rampage with a strong left kick on Machida. Machida with a right hook followed by an elbow. Machida with a right. Rampage with a kick to retaliate. The crowd begins to boo once again. Rampage with a two three two followed by a leg kick. Machida with several big kicks and knees. Rampage comes right back with several punches and kicks. Both men fall to the ground. Machida in half guard with full capability of full guard. Machida moving to side control. Machida keeping his weight on Rampage. Machida with close elbows on Rampage. Machida trying to pass, not able to seperate Rampage's legs. Rampage attempting to get an underhook on the left side. Michida trying to lock up a kimora. Rampage's leg is stuck in half guard. Machida moves to side control. Machida with full mount on Rampage by faking a kimora attempt. Machida going for an arm. Rampage picks Machida's whole body up bringing both men back to their feet. Machida locks up with Rampage once again on the cage. Rampage with only one hook locked in. Machida takes Rampage's back. Both men to the ground. Machida trying once again to make Rampage tap as the bell rings ending round three.

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson def. Lyoto Machida via Split Decision (28-29, 29-28, 29-28) after 3 Rounds.

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