Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Jason Miller Says “No Way” To Nick Diaz At 178lb Catch Weight

Strikeforce has been trying to put together a match up between Jason Miller and Nick Diaz but it appears a catch weight for the two too meet at is keeping the fight off a card. The Diaz camp wants a weight of 178lbs. while Miller wants to fight at 183lbs.

Miller explains why he won't fight at 178lbs:

“(Nick Diaz) says don't be scared homey all the time. That's his tag line. I stole it, it's mine now.” (

“He's fought so many times at 183, he always fights there. But then when it's me, somebody he's talked sh*t about for years, his manager says fight at 178.”

“Ok cool, I'll fight Alistair Overeem, he just has to make 190. That's it. I'll fight that motherf*cker this weekend at 190.”

“(Strikeforce) wants to do it in January. There's no way. I was a goddamn skeleton (at 170 in the UFC), it was the dumbest thing I ever did.”