Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Jon FItch On BJ Penn Fight: It Was A No Brainer But I Was Surprised

With BJ Penn sticking around the UFC welterweight division it only made sense for him to continue fighting top contenders after knocking Matt Hughes out in 20 seconds in his last bout but what some fans found surprising was that Penn's next opponent will be none other than Jon Fitch who is the consensus number two welterweight in the world.

While fans may have been surprised at the match up they weren't the only ones, Fitch was as well:

“Coming out of AKA, BJ has kind of been the older brother or the older cousin that you never really knew, but everybody always talks about. It's kind of like I've been chasing that reputation my whole career. It's a huge thing for me to fight B.J. Penn. (On accepting the fight with Penn) No brainer, I was just kind of surprised and shocked that it came to fruition like this. I didn't know if they were thinking of this or it was just a spur of the moment thing. But yeah, I was all for it. I was just surprised.”

Props: MMAFighting.com