Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Leonard Garcia Not Happy With Joe Rogan

Leonard Garcia picked up a razor thin decision over Nam Phan at the TUF finale which led to a rant from Joe Rogan about the judging in MMA, and although Rogan has caught Keith Kizer's ear, he also caught Garcia's who isn't pleased with Rogan's assessment of him:

“It does piss me off, because I have nothing to do with the decision. … it bothers me to hear him say some of that stuff he said. It's kind of a bad deal, but all it's going to do is fire me up for the next one. He talks about certain things that I do in the fight, but that's just my fighting style. I don't fight Joe Rogan's fighting style. I apologize to Joe Rogan, but I can't fight his style. That's not my style of fighting. What makes me who I am is my style of fighting, and people seem to enjoy it. I've won several Fight of the Night [bonuses] because of it, and I enjoy fighting that way. I think it's something the fans deserve, is to see two guys give it their all. And that's one thing I know about myself is I go out there and give it my all.”