Monday, November 28, 2022

Thiago Alves No Longer Starving Himself To Make Weight

Plagued by weight cutting issues in the past, Thiago Alves took a new approach this time out for his UFC 124 bout against Jon Howard. Alves enlisted Mike Dolce and his “Dolce Diet” to prepare for the contest and Alves says it was one of his best moves yet:

“I used to starve myself for weeks to make weight. I would start worrying four to five weeks before the fight about making weight. I would eat the wrong things, and retained a lot of water. Everyday was a burden for me. I just wanted time to fly by so I can get to the next day. It was bad. Since I met Dolce my life has changed. I'm falling in love with the sport all over again. I'm having fun again, even falling in love with the cutting weight. I'm flying high with confidence. I've been eating a lot, and I didn't know that before. Your body needs food to burn fat, and lose weight properly. Everything I did before was wrong, and my body didn't perform well. I'm just curious to see how well I'm going to perform. If I did pretty good when I was doing things wrong, I can't even begin to imagine how well I'm going to perform from here on out.”

Via: Miami Herald