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UFC 124 Results – GSP Dominates Koscheck

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Welcome to our live round-by-round coverage of the UFC 124: “St-Pierre vs. Koscheck II” event from Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

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John Makdessi vs. Pat Audinwood

Round 1: Makdessi moves to center of the octagon at the bell. Audinwood circles on the outside and opens with a front kick. Makdessi kicks Audinwood in the chest followed by an inside leg kick, missing a spinning heel kick. Makdessi with a nice body kick to counter Audinwood's mix of jabs and kicks. Spinning backfist blocked by Makdessi. Jabs from Makdessi. Audinwood attempts a Thai clinch, Makdessi punches his way out. Sidekick to the chest by Audinwood. Makdessi ends the round with jabs.

Round 2: Makdessi quickly bloodies Audonwood's nose. Makdessi once again moves to the center of the octagon. Another side kick from Makdessi. Superman punch by Audonwood. Makdessi with a counter straight. Audinwood kick to the head of Makdessi. Makdessi fires a headkick right back. Audinwood counterpunches. Inside leg kick from Makdessi. Spinning back kick to the stomach. Audinwood answers with punches and kicks, but Makdessi is blocking effectively. Makdessi with another spinning kick to the ribs. Audinwood shoots a double. Overhand right lands for Makdessi, and Audinwood falls to the mat. More combinations up top from Makdessi to end round two.

Round 3: Makdessi comes out kicking in round three. Outside leg kick does land for Audinwood. Audinwood again charges in but falls to his knees when Makdessi slips and counters. Audinwood circling well, but Makdessi is staying just out of reach of his longer opponent and leaping in with pinpoint strikes. Makdessi with an overhand right and a high kick. It's target practiec. Audinwood does lands a stiff right, but Makdessi shakes it off. Stiff jab for Makdessi. Halfway in, and Makdessi can cruise home. Instead, he fires another spinnning back kick to the body and an axe kick that glances off Audinwood's head. Audinwood lands another straight, but Makdessi hits a right roundhouse to the face. Audinwood walks into another straight.

John Makdessi def. Pat Audinwood via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-26) after 3 Rounds

Ricardo Almeida vs. TJ Grant

Round 1: Almeida lands first with and inside leg kick. He shoots in for a single. Grant with a butterfly guard underneath. Almeida presses down into half-mount.Almeida just misses a big right. He stands and catches a glancing upkick. Almeida stands and takes yet another upkick, immediately retaliating with two punches. Almeida stands again. Grant pops back to his feet. Almeida pushes him into the cage causing both men to fall to the mat. Almeida continues to stand in an attempt to pass, setting up for a submission. Five punches come from the top. Four more connect. Almeida nearly falls into a triangle at the sound of the bell.

Round 2: Almeida circling on the outside to open round three. Grant attempts a punch on Almeida who ducks under and drives him to the floor with a double. Grant holds full guard. Almeida passes on the left-hand side into half-guard. Almeida again looking to advance to mount. Grant gets back to his feet. Almeida throws him right back to the mat. Grant works to his feet again and looks for a guillotine, but he slips. Grant working from the bottom again. Almeida striking on Grant. Grant works to his feet. Almeida with a straight. Grant lands a few punches in the last few seconds of the match.

Round 3: Grant takes the center and slips a jab. Almeida is able to duck the next to attempts. Grant is on his back once again. Almeida tries to slip the back, but he settles for punches from mount. Grant punches several more times. Grant returns to full guard. Grant tries to sit up against the cage, but Almeida pulls him to the center of the octagon. Almeida steps into mount and delivers a few strikes. Grant continues to spin and defend, but Almeida is throwing punches and elbows continuously. Almeida works his right leg around the body in an off-balnce attempt at a bodylock, and Grant sweeps to the top. Both men scramble back to their feet to end the match as the bell rings.

Ricardo Almeida def. T.J. Grant via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27) after 3 Rounds.

Sean Pierson vs. Matthew Riddle

Round 1: Touch of gloves to open. Pierson and Riddle lock up and attack one-another early on. Riddle against the cage throwing punches and kicks on Pierson. Pierson with several hooks as he moves into the clinch. Pierson presses Riddle against the cage. Riddle gets a bodylock and pushes away. Pierson pus him right back against the cage. Riddle gets a nice combo on Pierson. Pierson attempts an anaconda. Riddle defends. Pierson slams Riddle to the floor. Knees from side control. Pierson gets his hooks in. Riddle gets his hooks in as well. Riddle stands. Riddle drops back down. Pierson is able to come off the top, and they are forced to reset on their feet. Pierson gets in a nice jab. Riddle lands a straight. Pierson retaliates Riddle's attempts with a three-punch combo.

Round 2: Pierson on the defensive as Riddle comes out swinging to open round two. Pierson lands several straights and high kicks. Pierson lands several punches. Riddle shoots in, but Pierson blocks it. Pierson continues to land left hooks. Riddle with several jabs. Pierson continues to block as he throws right hands into Riddle's chin. Pierson lands a few left hands. Riddle tries to grab a guillotine, but Pierson pulls free quickly. Riddle still moving forward. Pierson continues to throw punches. Pierson gets a combo and literally turns and runs to reset. Riddle blocks to end the round.

Round 3: Pierson opens with a jab. Riddle lands a left straight. Riddle gets a three-punch combo on Pierson. Riddle walks forward throwing several straights. Pierson counters. Riddle continues to throw straights. Notice Pierson's right eye busted up. Riddle continues to move forward. Pierson turns his back and scampers away again. Pierson's eye getting worse by the second. Riddle still pressing the action. Riddle gets a single on Pierson. Pierson tries to slip in a choke from the front. Pierson attempts to spin to the back. Riddle defends and works back to the feet. Wild flurry in the final seconds of round three.

Sean Pierson def. Matt Riddle via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27) after 3 Rounds.

Jesse Bongfeldt vs. Rafael Natal

Round 1: Bongfeldt misses on an early low kick. He attempts once again for a kick to the body, and Natal catches it and moves into the clinch. Natal fires a spinning punch. Natal scores another takedown. Bongfeldt gets full guard. Natal throws hammerfists. Natal passes to side control. Bongfeldt attempts to roll out. Natal gets in more hammerfists. Bongfeldt spins again and takes top, but Natal sweeps again. Natal with a bodylock on Bongfeldt. Knees from the clinch. Natal has both hooks in and is working on the choke. Bongfeldt rolls from side to side. He finally turns in and sets up on top. Natal attacks Bongfeldt's leg. Bongfeldt is able to get free. Bongfeldt again takes top position and throws elbows to close the round.

Round 2: Both men come out with back and forth punches. Natal falls to his back, and Bongfeldt immediately gets on top of him, throwing more punches. Bongfeldt works to mount. Natal spins in and works back to his feet. He attempts a guillotine but gets a clinch instead. Bongfeldt drops for a single leg. Natal slips a punch and dives in for a double-leg takedown. Both hooks in. Natal takes mount when Bongfeldt spins, and he stays on the back when Bongfeldt spins again. Natal drags Bongfeldt back to the floor. Bongfeldt gets right back up.. Natal again takes the back. He nearly gets his right arm under Bongfeldt's chin in the closing seconds but the bell sounds.

Round 3: Bongfeldt drives in a knee to the gut. Natal retreating, and he's trying to counter Bongfeldt's punches with a takedown. Bongfeldt forced to chase him around the cage. Bongfeldt delivers a low kick defends a takedown, then kicks the body. Bongfeldt delivers another kick and moves into the clinch. Bongfeldt delivers another punch to the gut and trips Natal to the floor. Bongfeldt drops down into a mount, and Natal locks the body to avoid damage. Bongfeldt lands a few punches and elbows from the top. Natal staling underneath and hoping for a standup. Bongfeldt seems to be getting tired. Natal spins and tries to attack Bongfeldt's leg. Bongfeldt slips it out with ease and punches Natal. Natal trying to desperately to roll and spin. Bongfeldt punching over and over to end the bout.

Rafael Natal and Jesse Bongfeldt fight to a Majority Draw (30-30, 30-30, 30-30) after 3 Rounds.

Mark Bocek vs. Dustin Hazelett

Round 1: Bocek takes the center and jabs early. Bocek tries for a single. Hazelett defends against the cage. Bocek forces Hazelett to the mat. Hazelett working hard from underneath. He's looking to set up an omo plata. Bocek defends and stays on top. Bocek fires three right hands to the ribs. Hazelett works up to his knees. Bocek pushes him back down. Bocek steps into mount and locks up a triangle choke from the top. He rolls immediately to his back and drives elbows to Hazelett's head as he squeezes. Hazelett forced to tap.

Mark Bocek def. Dustin Hazelett via Submission (triangle choke) at 2:33 of Round 1.

Joe Doerksen vs. Dan Miller

Round 1: Miller gets a right to the body of Doerksen early on. The two trade in the pocket. Doerksen gets an overhand right. Miller stands firm and fires back. Miller shoots for a successful takedown. Doerksen gets a butterfly guard. Miller advances to half-mount and looks to set up a kimura. Doerksen pushes up to escape. Miller latches onto a guillotine choke and rolls. He maintains top position. Miller delivers an elbow from the top. Doerksen with a closed guard. Miller postures up and eats an upkick. Miller does land two big elbows from the top. Miller gets several hammerfists. Doerksen recieves a few more punches before the bell

Round 2: Doerksen opens with an outside leg kick. Miller flies forward with a slew of punches. Miller ducks in and gets another takedown. Doerksen immediately sweeps to the top on Miller. Doerksen controls the legs and he gets in with a few straights. Miller now working the closed guard. Doerksen stays tight. Miller is on top again. Doerksen leans to his left and locks in a kimura. Miller trying to defend, but Doerksen pulls the arm out. Miller works again from the guard. He drives in a few short punches. Miller makes it to half-mount to end the match.

Round 3: Doerksen lands an early right hand, but Miller again nails a takedown. Doerksen tries to work his legs up for a submission, but ti's not there. Miller starting to bleed badly as Doerksen pushes his head away and slips in elbows from underneath. Cote takes a knee to get a better look, but he lets the action carry on. Miller walks Doerksen into the cage and works left hands. Doerksen rolls again for a kimura. Miller pushes in quickly. Miller and Doerksen grinding from either end. There's blood all over Doerksen's chest. Several punches traded. Doerksen tries to kick his legs up to end the match.

Dan Miller def. Joe Doerksen via Split Decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28) after 3 Rounds.


Thiago Alves vs. John Howard

Round 1: Thiago comes out shooting leg kicks. They exchange punches. Howard goes in for a takedown. No dice. Thiago hurts Howard with an uppercut. Thiago takes Howard down. Lands in half guard. Howard holding half guard. Howard looking for a leg lock. Doesn't get it. Both men end up back on their feet. Kick from Howard. Thiago hands a one two. Again. Thiago gets a left hook. Thiago counters with a leg kick on Howard after a punch. Thiago lands two big punches and two big knees. Ending with a strong leg kick. Thiago with straight punches. Body lock against the cage. Howard comes from the side. One minute left. Howard tries to get the clinch. Thiago with a chopping leg kick. Leg kick by Howard. Flurry of punches and leg kicks to the buzzer. Easy 10-9 for Thiago.

Round 2: Thiago comes out light on his feet. Howard moving fast around the ring. Thiago accidentally hits Howard with a low blow. Thiago throwing a lot of leg kicks. Slower paced than the first round. Howard swings wild, doesn't hit anything. Howard limping a bit around the ring on his left leg. Thiago partially lands a high kick. Thiago changes levels for a takedown. Picks up Howard and slams him down. Half guard on top now by Thiago. Thiago attempting to pass, trying to get his right leg free. Howard regains full guard. Howard throwing elbows from the top. Big hammerfists. Crowd is chanting “GSP”. Howard opens his guard up. One minute left. Another big shot by Thiago. And again. Thiago keeping shoulders pressed down and get distance to posture up. Big elbow to end the round.

Round 3: Thiago lands a nice upperhand right. Follows up with a leg kick. Howard trying to jab his way in. Howard switches legs for a takedown. Howard switches levels. Howard with a nice leg kick. Howard makes his way to the center of the octagon. Thiago fighting more cautiously. Not much happening. Thiago drops Howard with a left hook. Howard jumps right back up. Both men are clinched against the cage. Superman punch by Thiago. Howard throws an inside leg kick. Howard attempts to throw a big right hand. Left hook by Thiago. Thiago stuns Howard with a right straight. Both exchange punches. They each throw a high kick, neither one of them lands. 30 seconds left. Big kick to the body by Howard. Crowd is getting loud for the finish. Thiago is trying to put Howard away. Thiago lands a knee and some good punches just as the bell sounds. Should be an easy 30-27 across the board.

Thiago Alves def. John Howard via Unaninimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27) after 3 Rounds.

Joe Stevenson vs. Mac Danzig

Round 1: Danzig with a pushkick to open. Stevenson misses a big hook. Big jab by Stevenson. Danzig using footwork to keep distance. Stevenson with foot work to get in. Stevenson lands a big overhand right. Out of nowhere Danzig hits a big hook and knocks Stevenson unconcious, flat on his face.

Mac Danzig def. Joe Stevenson via KO at 1:54 of Round 1

Jim Miller vs. Charles Oliveira

Round 1: Leg kick right away. Miller shoots for a single, misses. Miller comes out looking for a takedown. Oliveira grabs a guilletine and tries for a finish. Oliviera lets it go and closes his full guard. Oliviera stacking it up high possibly looking for a choke. Attempting a triangle. Oliviera grabs an armbar, loses it and switches to a triangle. Miller escapes. Oliviera looking for a leg lock. Miller now looking for a knee bar and gets it for the win.

Jim Miller def. Charles Oliveira via Submission (kneebar) at 1:59 of Round 1

Stefan Struve vs. Sean McCorkle Round 1: MCorkle attempts right jabs. Struve successfully jabbing. Struve taken down but regains half guard. MCorkles using kimora to advance position. MCorkle on top trying to pull Struve away from the fence. McCorkles passes to side mount. Struve scrambles and regains full guard. One butterfly hook in. Full guard closed by Struve. McCorkle still on top. Struve moving his hips. Struve goes for an armbar. He lets go. The crowd begins to chant “GSP”. McCorkle using the can opener to switch positions. He lets it go. 90 seconds left. Struve looking for a kimora from the bottom. Struve sweeps him, in full mount with hammer punches. Struve punches away and the ref stops it for a tko.

Stefan Struve def. Sean McCorkle via TKO (strikes) at 3:55 of Round 1

Georges St. Pierre vs. Josh Koscheck

Round 1: No touch of the gloves. Match begins. Crowd is insane. GSP takes Koscheck down. Koscheck wall walks. GSP with a right jab. Koscheck defends a takedown. Stick jabs. GSP with inside leg kicks and jabs, possibly setting up another takedown. Koscheck defends another takedown with ease. Koscheck has swelling under his right eye. GSP touches him with a right strike. GSP misses a high kick. Crowd is way into the fight. Koscheck misses a right hook. Crowd chants “GSP”. GSP turning it on a little bit. Koscheck looks for a takedown, GSP was having none of it. Koscheck trying to put GSP on his back. Koscheck takes GSP down with 15 seconds left. Should be an easy 10-9 GSP round. Koscheck's right eye is a mess!

Round 2: GSP comes out leg kicking. Crowd is chanting “GSP”. Koscheck's is a fuckin' mess. GSP with a superman punch. GSP with an inside leg kick. The crowd is chanting 'oh lay oh lay'. GSP partially lands a high kick, follows up with a nice left strike. Koscheck's eye is a fucking damn mess. Joe Rogan calls his eye 'grotesque'. The crowd begins to chant “fuck you Koscheck”. GSP is turning up the noise. Koscheck's right eye is completely shut. GSP partially lands a superman punch. GSP lands a nice one two. GSP with a nice right strike. Crowd is going apeshit. Crowd is chanting “GSP” once again. Koscheck lands an uppercut, then they each land a nice right at the same time. GSP jabbing the shit outta Koscheck. Koscheck misses another uppercut attempt. Again, I iterate Koscheck's eye is a fuckin' mess. Crowd chanting 'oh lay oh lay' again. GSP throws a right to end the round. Crowd roaring.

Round 3: GSP jabbing hard. GSP nails Koscheck with a right hand. Koscheck's corner shouting he's hesitating too much. Both guys exchange. Koscheck looks more determined in this round. Crowd chanting “GSP”. Koscheck defends GSP's takedown attempt. Koscheck with double underhooks turns GSP into the fence looking for a takedown. GSP with an over-under and turns it around too. GSP kneeing the thigh of Koscheck. Koscheck with a tight elbow. Koscheck complains to the ref about a restart. GSP thinks about a takedown, doesn't get it. Ref warns them. They seperate, crowd goes nuts. GSP leg kicking. Starting to look maybe a little bit tired. 2 minutes left. “Fuck you Koscheck” chant picks back up. Over-under against the cage at the hands of GSP. Koscheck trying shoulder strikes standing. They seperate. GSP with an inside leg kick. GSP jabbing and double jabbing following with a right. Koscheck misses a wild overhand right. Koscheck big time misses a leg kick. Crowd boos Koscheck for it. GSP with a superman punch and a swift leg kick. Inside leg kick and right straight by GSP. Round ends, easy 10-9 GSP.

Round 4: Medic checks Koscheck before beginning the round, almost didn't let him fight. Fight begins. GSP gets a takedown. Koscheck going for a leg. GSP scrambles up, they're clinched against the cage. GSP kinda has Koscheck's back standing. GSP throwing knees to the body. GSP looking for double under hooks. Koscheck defending nicely. GSP with double jabs. Koscheck with a left jab. GSP with a left jab back. GSP hurts him with a left. Koscheck still on rubbery legs. Koscheck semi lands a nice under hand right. GSP semi lands a left hook. GSP with a jab, touching him with the two after. GSP with an inner leg kick. Crowd begins to chant “GSP” again. GSP double jabbing, inside leg kick, body kick. GSP left hook, knee, getting a lot busier. 20 seconds left on the clock. Round ends during a staredown.

Round 5: GSP jabs and semi stuns Koscheck with a hook. GSP leading with a left hook again. GSP defends a takedown. Koscheck seems a little more determined this round. Koscheck with a hail mary overhand right. Crowd going crazy. Koscheck with a desperation take down attempt, doesn't even come close. GSP with a hard inside leg kick with a straight to follow. GSP with a stiff jab. GSP with another beautiful jab. And again. 2 minutes left in this final round. Over and over with stiff jabs by GSP. They crowd is singing 'na-na-na-na hey hey hey goodbye”. Koscheck's eye is bleeding. Both men clinched up against the cage. 90 seconds left, GSP gets a takedown. Koscheck gets back up for GSP to take him back down. GSP wall walks again. 1 minute remaining. Several body shots by GSP. 30 seconds left and the crowd is as loud as i've ever heard. Koscheck with a spinning back kick that went no where. GSP with a nice jab. GSP switches to south paw and finishes with a push kick, a body kick, and a one two.

Georges St. Pierre def. Josh Koscheck by Unaninimous Decision (50-45, 50-45, 50-45) after 5 Rounds.

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