Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Clay Guida Talks UFC 125 Win Over Takanoi Gomi

Following UFC 125, Clay Guida spoke at the post fight press conference regarding his submission win over former top ranked lightweight Takanori Gomi:

“The key in this fight and in our training was to not get punched by Gomi too much. Obviously I got a few scuffs and bumps and bruises but I feel good. He's a momentum fighter. Like Chris Leben, he loves when guys stand in his range who want to get in trading wars with him. That's not what I wanted to do. For a second I thought I landed a couple good shots, I kicked him in the face and I saw him take a deep breath in the first round and it kind of brought me back to when he fought Nick Diaz. I could see him getting winded and I just took over. We got that takedown finally, he's got good wrestling, he stuffed a couple of my shots but once I got that single leg and picked him up I think he kind of knew the end was near. Second round he rung my bell real quick and then I got back to my wrestling. Opened up my ground-n-pound for that submission and that kind of told the tale.”