Saturday, December 3, 2022

King Mo Talks UFC Bias In MMA

Former Strikeforce Light Heavyweight Champion King Mo Lawal has picked up on the bias that exists in MMA between the sport it's self and the UFC and talked to and about it:

“(Gegard) Mousasi was like my sixth or seventh fight. In the fight I tried trading with him but he was covering up from my strikes so I took his ass down. Now they say he is overrated. Simply put if he was in the UFC and I was in the UFC and that fight happened we wouldn't get that flack and we would've been all good. Some people are just groupies and they are idiots who are quick to say that someone is overrated just because they don't know sh*t about MMA. They may know certain things about the sport but they don't know sh*t about MMA.”

“If some of this stuff happened in the UFC, the fans would give it more praise for sure. If (Alistair) Overeem did some of the things he's doing in the UFC, he would be considered the next God. The fact of the matter is a lot of these fans aren't familiar with what's going on in Japan, and then they try to call Strikeforce 'Strikefarce' because they hear Dana White call it that. Dana White has his own opinion or whatever, but fight fans need to have their own opinion and their own way of thinking, but we know that's asking a lot.”