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MMANEWS.COM BLOG: Strikeforce Thoughts And Ratings

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The following is an excerpt from a new MMANEWS.COM Blog by our own Maniac:

Strikeforce 1/29/11 Thoughts And Rating

First things first.

I'm the Maniac. Only a daily or bi-daily basis(hopefully), I will be giving my thoughts on the sport of MMA. I don't think of myself as an expert by no means. I have been a fan of the sport since early 2000 and a fairly consistent viewer ever since. Over the course of time I will be sharing with you my random thoughts,predictions,and whatever else may be on my mind as I'm writing. I really hope you enjoy reading. If not…..

Strikeforce 1/29 Diaz vs Cyborg
Roger(Hoger) Gracie vs. Trevor Prangley
We begin our first fight of the night with Trevor Prangley and the much younger technician HOGER Gracie. Predictable finish here and Gracie continues his undefeated streak and moves up the ladder, I suppose.
Fight ENTERTAINMENT Rating:6.5/10

Herschel Walker Vs. Scott Carson
Being from Georgia, I can't help to see how this fight is going to turnout no matter how pointless or “sideshowlike” it may be to some MMA fans. Walker has been the butt of a jokes lately due to his age,very questionable footwork ,and finish in his last bout with Greg Nagy. I for one am open to this as it was in the under-card and it wasn't a complete waste of time to watch. My only request. Next fight give Herschel a decent opponent with decent stand up game and sub par ground game. Let him work his way up and see what becomes of it. If nothing
Fight ENTERTAINMENT Rating:6.5/10


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