Saturday, November 26, 2022

Nick Diaz Says Pride Type Rules Make Better Fights

Strikeforce Welterweight Nick Diaz, whose one and only bout in Pride FC was a destruction of Takanori Gomi talked to USA Today about the differences between the North American MMA rules and the old Pride rules:

“That's why I like dealing with Pride rules. I thought that there would be an organization that has that type of scoring criteria. I thought that show would stick around; I'd probably be fighting for them right now. But that whole thing went under. They kind of want to do away with that whole way of fighting, even though it's been around for a long time. The restarts and the old Pride rules, it's better. The yellow card (if) you stall. You can't stall. You have to fight. You can't elbow. You have to punch. It takes a lot of space. A guy on the bottom wants to get up, he gets up because you're making space to punch. It makes for a more technical aspect to come out. It makes more for more transition and movement to happen. It's more exciting to watch and it makes for the better fighter to win. The way that things are going now, you don't (always) see the better fighter win. They play a game to win.”