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UFC 125 Results: Edgar/Maynard Fight To A Draw, Big Knockouts

MMANEWS.COM Staff Writer

Welcome to our live round-by-round coverage of the UFC 125 “Resolution” event from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Antonio McKee vs. Jacob Volkmann

Round 1: McKee comes out swinging. Each guy trades punches with McKee landing the better of the two. McKee lands some more shots, leading to a failed Volkmann takedown attempt. McKee lands a nice kick to the body. McKee with a failed takedown attempt. Volkmann finally gets McKee down and on his back. Volkmann in McKee's half-guard. McKee sweeps to top position, leading to a scramble where both guys end up on their feet. Not a lot going on. Volkmann with a failed takedown attempt. McKee lands a nice shot.

Round 2: McKee lands some nice shots early. In a scramble, both guys end up on the ground with Volkmann spinning into half-mount. Volkmann takes McKee's back. Volkmann looking for the rear-naked choke. McKee doing well defending. Volkmann works on the choke for a bit longer. McKee spins out to end the round.

Round 3: This ruond could decide the fight. McKee misses some big shots. Volkmann eats a big uppercut from McKee during a takedown attempt. McKee lands a nice kick to the body. Not a lot to speak of so far this round. McKee dumps Volkmann to the ground, Volkmann wall-walks back up. Very boring fight. Round ends with a whole lot of nothing going on.

Jacob Volkmann def. Antonio McKee via Split Decision (28-29, 29-28, 29-28) after 3 Rounds.

Daniel Roberts vs. Greg Soto

Round 1: Soto lands a hail mary right hand early into the first. Roberts with a desperation takedown attempt, but Soto defends well. Roberts eventually gets him down and secures a kimura, forcing the tapout for the victory in the first round.

Daniel Roberts def. Greg Soto via Submission (kimura) at 3:45 of Round 1.

Mike Brown vs. Diego Nunes

Round 1: Nunes kicks Brown's legs to open the first. Nunes misses a pair of high kick attempts. Brown dives for a takedown attempt but Nunes defends. Brown continues bulling forward. Brown finally gets a good enough hold of Nunes to scoop him up and slam him down to the ground. They don't stay there long, as we scramble back to the feet. Brown lands a nice shot on Nunes that drops him momentarily. Nunes' eye is swelling immediately. Brown blocks a flying knee attempt from Nunes. Nunes eye is a mess. It's completely swollen shut at this point. Nunes lands a nice spinning backfist. They trade a wild flurry of punches to close out the round. Good round.

Round 2: Despite the horrifying eye swelling, they allow Nunes to continue. Nunes comes out utilizing his kicks some more. They trade punches and Brown looks for a takedown attempt off the fence. Nunes defends well. Nunes misses a spinning back-elbow as they seperate from a clinch. Nunes lands a spinning back-kick to the body of Brown. Nunes misses an axe kick attempt. Nunes misses a second spinning back-kick attempt. The pace slows a bit as the round ends.

Round 3: Nunes is warned between rounds for grabbing the fence. Nunes spins out of a Brown takedown attempt and misses a takedown attempt of his own. Pace is slower this round than the previous two. Both guys are trading knees and punches. Brown finally gets the takedown attempt he's been fishing for the entire round. About a minute left in the round. Nunes is quick to get back to his feet. Big high kick lands for Nunes. Both guys go wild to finish the round.

Diego Nunes def. Mike Brown via Split Decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28) after 3 Rounds.


Phil Baroni vs. Brad Tavares

Round 1: Tavares with a nice leg kick to open the round. Baroni looking to come in with big punches – no surprise there. Tavares with another solid leg kick. Baroni lands a decent body punch. Tavares answers back with another leg kick. Baroni drops Tavares with a nice punch. Baroni slaps on a guillotine choke but didn't use the right technique, so Tavares escapes. Baroni is on top of Tavares in Tavares' half-guard. Tavares wall-walks up and Baroni slaps on another guillotine attempt as he does. Baroni with a nice one-two combo as they seperate. 2 minutes left in the round. Tavares with a Thai clinch, lands a decent knee. Baroni muscles Tavares to the ground. Tavares is back up and we're clinched against the fence again. A low blow lands via a Baroni knee. Tavares gets a moment to recover. Tavares with a nice punch, followed by a big head kick. The head kick stuns Baroni and Tavares smells blood. Tavares comes in with some huge shots, hurting Baroni bad. Baroni is down. Tavares finishes up with punches. Nice comeback win for Tavares.

Brad Tavares def. Phil Baroni via KO (punches) at 4:20 of Round 1.

Josh Grispi vs. Dustin Poirier

Round 1: Grispi comes out with a nice leg kick. Dustin lands a decent punch to respond. Dustin with a nice inside leg kick. Dustin with some more kicks and a nice punch to finish. Grispi jumped into a standing guard but quickly let go. We're clinched against the cage now. Dustin picking up the action a bit. Dustin is in complete control of this fight thus far, to this reporter's surprise. Dustin throwing a lot of kicks. Grispi tries a head kick, grazing the face of Dustin. Dustin lands a nice body punch. Dustin knocks Grispi down with a leg kick. Grispi grabs Dustin's leg for a sweep but Dustin avoids it. Dustin lands a number of big punches with Grispi just covering up and taking the punishment. Things aren't looking good for Grispi. We're on the ground now with Grispi trying a kimura attempt from the bottom. Grispi pulls the arm out at one point but Dustin frees it. Round ends there.

Round 2: Grispi comes out with a high kick attempt, partially blocked by Dustin. Dustin has Grispi clinched against the cage now. Dustin lands a nice tight elbow from inside the clinch, breaking them free and setting up a huge flurry with the hands by Dustin. Grispi has Dustin on the ground in full mount. He turns and goes for a choke but Dustin escapes. He's on top of Grispi now. Grispi is looking for a triangle and Dustin is trying to slam his way out of it. He does. Dustin is pounding away on Grispi now from side mount. Grispi is straight up getting his ass kicked at this point. Dustin lands some nice knees to the face from inside a tight Thai clinch. Grispi shoots in for a desperation takedown attempt. Nothing doing. Dustin sprawls out of it but ends up inside Grispi's guard. Grispi is a bloody mess but he's staying active from the bottom. Grispi locks in a tight triangle but Dustin manages to stand up and slam his way out of it again. That time Dustin looked to be in a bit of trouble. We're back on the feet now with Dustin going back to the Thai clinch. Dustin lands some nice knees again as well as some big elbows to end the round.

Round 3: Grispi lands a decent shot to open the round. Dustin has him in the Thai clinch yet again, landing some knees. Dustin lands some nice kicks and Grispi shoots in for another desperation takedown attempt. Dustin again ends up inside his guard. He quickly gets the hell out of there and forces Grispi to stand again. Dustin is merking Grispi at this point. He's winning every round with ease. Grispi tries grabbing a kimura standing. He switches to a leglock attempt on the ground but Dustin is quick to escape and return to the feet. Dustin yet again is landing knees from inside the clinch. Grispi manages to finally score a takedown. He's on top for I believe the first time in the fight. Dustin is locking him up pretty good from the bottom to avoid any real damage. Grispi isn't doing anything despite getting the position he's needed the entire fight. 1 minute remains. Grispi now passed to side mount Not a lot of time left. Let's see what happens. Dustin regains his full guard. Seconds left in the round.

Dustin Poirier def. Josh Grispi via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27) after 3 Rounds.

Marcus Davis vs. Jeremy Stephens

Round 1: Davis comes out swinging, nice foot work. Davis with several right jabs on Stephens. Davis locks up with Stephens. Nice jab by Davis. We're clinched against the cage now. Davis gets Stephens down. Davis inside Stephens' half-guard landing some small punches. Stephens frees his legs and stands back up. 90 seconds remain. Davis lands a big shot that stuns Stephens big time. Davis rushes in but clinches with him. That might've been a mistake as there is only 30 seconds remaining in the round. Round ends there.

Round 2: Stephens leg kicks Davis to open the second frame. Davis lands a decent shot. Davis lands another nice shot. Stephens misses a spinning backfist attempt. Half way through the round. Stephens switches levels looking for a takedown, Davis defends well. Stephens grabs a kimura standing, ala Sakuraba, and falls down looking to finish. Davis is in side mount on top, making it hard for Stephens to finish the hold. Stephens moves to half guard and then full guard and still has Davis's arm. Now Davis is in a bit more trouble. Davis gets his arm free and now Stephens is looking for a guillotine from the bottom. Davis escapes that as well. Round ends with them throwing sissy punches.

Round 3: Davis lands a nice jab. Stephens swings wild but doesn't find any target. Davis boxing well, Stephens swinging big punches from his hips, but generally finding nothing. Davis easily avoids a takedown attempt by Stephens. Davis rocks Stephens momentarily with a big left hand. Out of nowhere Stephens completely knocks Davis unconscious with a punch from hell. Wow. Didn't see that coming.

Jeremy Stephens def. Marcus Davis via KO (punch) at 2:33 of Round 3.


Clay Guida vs.Takanori Gomi

Round 1: Guida's entrances are more exciting than most people's fights. And we're underway! First PPV fight of the evening. Guida is an animal already, moving around at a ridiculous pace. “Let's go Guida” chant seconds into the fight. Gomi looking to target some big punches when Guida comes in. Guida hits a high kick out of nowhere. He dives in for a takedown, no dice. Guida lands a nice one-two afterwards. Loud “Guida, Guida” chant breaks out. Guida almost has Gomi down but Gomi defends nicely to return standing. Gomi with a nice jab. Guida's hair is getting on my nerves. Guida with a worthless overhand right. 90 seconds remain. Gomi doing a good job keeping his composure, as Guida continues to run around like a psycho. Gomi stuffs another Guida takedown attempt. Another nice jab by Gomi. Guida with a big high kick and a takedown. Gomi gets up and Guida slams him right back down. 30 seconds left in the round. Guida inside Gomi's half guard, working small punches from the top. Round ends there. 10-9 round for Guida.

Round 2: Gomi lands a decent shot to open the second round. Guida kinda gets Gomi down for a second but Gomi pops right back up. Guida with a nice head kick and right-hand combo. Gomi with a flying knee attempt, Guida catches it and slams him down hard. 90 seconds remain. Guida looking for an arm-triangle choke. No dice thus far. Guida with some weird, albeit effective, short elbows. Guida lunges in for a guillotine choke. Gomi taps. Crowd explodes.

Clay Guida def. Takanori Gomi via Submission (guillotine choke) at 4:27 of Round 2.

Nate Diaz vs. Dong Hyun Kim

Round 1: Round begins, Diaz is already talking shit. Love that guy. Kim working some leg kicks. Diaz throws a few of his own, following up with some nice punches. Kim takes him down but Diaz is looking to secure a kimura. Kim escapes. Kim inside Diaz's half guard, looking to pass. Diaz gets his full guard. Diaz passes to side mount. Diaz regains half-guard. Diaz looking to get up. Kim controlling the legs of Diaz to stop that. Kim doing a little shit talking from the top, then lands a nice punch that gets a nice reaction from the crowd. Diaz is throwing his legs up looking for a submission. Kim avoids. Diaz tries a leg submission but Kim escapes. Diaz hits him with an upkick for his troubles. Diaz attempts a kneebar but Kim escapes. One minute remains. Kim kinda has Diaz's back. Kim looking to get his hooks in. Diaz transitions to a leg submission attempt. He locks his legs as the crowd reacts. Kim tries spinning out of it. Diaz scrambles back to his feet. Crowd applauds the effort. Diaz swings wild, finishing the round strong.

Round 2: Kim lands a nice left hand. Diaz swings wildly to respond. Kim tries a takedown but Diaz defends. He tries it again, this time succeeding. Diaz has full guard. His guard is open and Diaz is looking for submissions already. Butterfly guard by Diaz. Diaz looking for some sort of leg submission from an odd position. Kim looking to pass. He's free from the submission now and is back in Diaz's butterfly guard. Kim passes. Diaz regains full guard. 2 minutes left in the round. Diaz pushes Kim off and stands back up. Kim dumps him right back down. Well, we know what kind of fight this is gonna be. Yawn. Kim not doing a lot from the top, Diaz is busier from the bottom. Kim stands up but falls back into Diaz's guard. Kim looking to take Diaz's back. Diaz is defending pretty well thus far. Diaz reverses things and is taking Kim's back. 10 seconds left though. They scramble up and end the round swinging wild.

Round 3: Kim opens the final frame with a big head kick attempt. Diaz stance is a bit changed this round, likely to avoid takedowns. Diaz has Kim's back standing and yanks him down to the mat. Kim trying to wall-walk and he does so. Diaz lands a nice knee. Apparently Kim's knee was on the ground when the knee hit. Kim is doing his best acting job to buy some time. Ahhh, replay shows Kim's hand was off the mat at the moment of impact. Bullshit job. Kim is done acting and we're back to fighting. 3 minutes left and Diaz has Kim clinched against the cage. Kim tries a judo throw, no dice. Kim gets Diaz on the ground regardless. Diaz has full guard. Kim has both hooks in and traps an arm of Diaz. Diaz looks to grab hold of a Kim leg. Kim escapes and stands up onto Diaz's back. Diaz reverses with a minute left in the fight. Kim immediately stands up with ease. Diaz lands a head kick from behind Kim. Diaz lands some good punches and works some knees to the back of Kim's thighs for good measure. Diaz breaks free and lands some punches to end the final frame. Should be an easy unanimous decision for Kim.

Dong Hyun Kim def. Nate Diaz via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28) after 3 Rounds.

Brandon Vera vs. Thiago Silva

Round 1: They come out clinching and swinging like crazy. Vera with a mean ass inside leg kick. Both guys swinging like crazy people. Good knee to the body by Vera. Silva gets Vera down and is inside his half guard. Not a lot of action on the ground. Silva passes to side mount. Silva lands a couple good shots from the top. 90 seconds remains. Silva kinda in north-south position but moves back to side mount. Silva lands a nice elbow and looks to pass to full mount. No dice. Vera regains half-guard. Silva drops back for a leg lock with seconds left in the round. Vera escapes. Silva remains on top and the round ends.

Round 2: Great start to the second. Vera comes out like a madman and lands a number of good punches and kicks. Silva tries swinging back, but doesn't land anything effective. Now Vera has Silva clinched against the cage. Silva takes him down off the clinch. He lands inside Vera's full guard. Round is getting ungodly boring. Crowd lets them know it too. Silva lands a few decent punches. Crowd boo's the shit out of this boring crapola. Round ends in a borefest.

Round 3: Vera drops Silva with a body kick. He throws his arms up for no reason before Silva gets back up. Vera wails him with some mean ass leg kicks. Vera looking to stay more on the outside this round. Silva clinches with him. Silva takes Vera's back standing. He yanks Vera down and works on getting his hooks in. He has one in. Silva forgets Vera's back and rolls to the front. Again Silva looks to take Vera's back again. Vera looking to get back up. Silva pulls him back down and gets one hook in. Where the hell is the ref? Silva lands some decent punches. He lands a Sakuraba-style double mongolian chop. Crowd wakes up a bit. Vera is laughing in Silva's face. One minute left. Not a lot happens, crowd boo's the shit out of the action. Round ends there.

Thiago Silva def. Brandon Vera via Unanimous Decision (30-26, 30-27, 30-27) after 3 Rounds.

Chris Leben vs. Brian Stann

Round 1: Great staredown. Round begins. Stann lands a couple good shots already, Leben taking them well. Leben lands a nice leg kick. Slight Takayama-Frye slugfest for a second. Leben looking for a takedown. No dice. Leben with a Thai clinch. Crowd chanting “Leben, Leben.” They seperate and Stann lands a nice body kick. Leben again looking for a takedown. He gives it up and they slug. Stann drops Leben with a huge punch. Stann slaps on a guillotine choke. Leben defending well. Stann drops him again and pounds away. Ref looking at jumping in. Stann drops Leben yet again with a big knee. He finishes things up this time. Great win for Stann.

Brian Stann def. Chris Leben via KO (punches) at 3:37 of Round 1.

UFC Lightweight Title:
-Frankie Edgar (c) vs. Gray Maynard

Round 1: This does not feel like a main event at all. Nevertheless, here we go. Edgar utilizing his speed and footwork to stay at bay. Nice leg kick by Edgar. Maynard seems baffled early on by the speed and movement of Edgar. Maynard drops him out of nowhere. Edgar flips back to his feet, ala Heath Herring. Maynard drops him again. Edgar cannot keep his balance for shit. Maynard is pounding the crap out of a turtled up Edgar. Edgar gets back up, Maynard pulls him back down. Edgar's nose is busted. Edgar is back up, he's still on wobbly legs. Edgar dives at Maynard's legs for a desperation takedown, Maynard stuffs it with ease. Edgar showing the courage of a champion. Maynard drops Edgar yet again. Edgar is showing tremendous heart but it seems elementary at this point. If he survives, kudos to him. Edgar having a bitch of a time recovering. He's on wobbly legs still, but he's fighting back. Round ends, easy 10-8 round. Will be interesting to see how Edgar comes out for the second.

Round 2: Edgar seems okay thus far. Maynard with a little scratch under his left eye. Edgar with a nice leg kick. Edgar lands a big shot, momentarily stunning Maynard. Maynard breathing with his mouth open. Edgar touches Maynard up a bit more, utilizing his footwork and speed again. Edgar lands a big right hand. Real big. Edgar defends a takedown attempt by Maynard with ease. He's winning this round so far with ease too, which is shocking if you saw the first round. 90 seconds remains. “Frankie, Frankie” chant by the fans in the MGM Grand Garden Arena. Edgar lands another nice shot. Edgar slams the living shit out of Maynard. Wow. They scramble back up. Edgar is unbelievable. Edgar touches him again with another good shot. Maynard dives in for a takedown, Edgar defends with ease. Edgar stuns Maynard with a nice shot. And again. Amazing round by Edgar. Good lord.

Round 3: Couture scolds Maynard between rounds for headhunting. Edgar touches up Maynard with a few shots. Edgar with a kick-punch combo. Maynard seems puzzled by Edgar's footwork and speed again. Edgar lands another good punch. This little turd is crazy. Edgar with a nice mid-kick. Maynard lands his first significant punch in a while. And again. Edgar's nose is leaking like a faucet again. Edgar sneaks in a tight little right hand. One minute left in the third round. Maynard gets Edgar down. Edgar drops down with hold of an arm. He's looking to secure a kimura. Maynard switches to side control on top. Edgar regains his half guard and tries a guillotine choke as the round ends. The bell might've saved Maynard.

Round 4: Edgar takes Maynard down to open the fourth round. He slaps on a guillotine choke. Edgar loses the choke and lands some good punches. Crowd is alive now. Edgar takes Maynard down again. This looks nothing like their first fight and while I started off saying it didn't feel like a main event — it does now. Edgar taking Maynard's back. Maynard scrambles back to his feet. Edgar lands some good shots. Maynard misses an uppercut by a mile. Edgar stuffs a takedown attempt by Maynard. Half-way through the fourth, Edgar lands a nice right hand. Edgar kinda takes Maynard down again. He lands some big shots against the fence to Maynard's face. Maynard stands back up. Good body shot by Edgar. One minute left in the fourth round. Edgar lands a good combo.

Round 5: I've got it 3-1 going into the fifth, Edgar up by one point on my card due to the 10-8 first round. You might be able to give round three to Maynard. You could possibly score a 10-7 first round. Scoring will be interesting if this goes the distance. Fifth round is underway now. Edgar lands a good combo early in the final frame. Maynard stuns Edgar a bit with a nice one-two. Edgar answers back with another shot. Edgar stuffs a takedown attempt by Maynard. Maynard eats a knee for his trouble. Maynard momentarily attempts a guillotine, Edgar escapes with ease. Better round for Maynard so far, still could be an Edgar round though. Half way through the final round now, Edgar throws the same combo he's been throwing all night, and it works again. Edgar stuffs another takedown by Maynard. Edgar tries one of his own, Maynard defends. Both guys land some nice punches. Edgar again defends Maynard's takedown attempt. Nice. Another nice combo by Edgar. Edgar defends yet another Maynard attempt. One minute left in the round and the crowd explodes. Nice right by Maynard. Edgar lands a nice combo, finishing with a beautiful right hand. Edgar again stuffs a Maynard takedown attempt. 30 seconds left. Crowd is alive for the finish to this one. They brawl to finish the round, and the fight.

Frankie Edgar and Gray Maynard fight to a Majority Draw (48-46 Maynard, 48-46 Edgar, 47-47) after 5 Rounds.

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