Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Chael Sonnen Says He Is 5-1 Against Anderson Silva

One of Chael Sonnen's best Anderson Silva based rants yet has hit the net after Sonnen talked to about his thoughts on the bout and how he sees it despite losing to the champ in the 5th and final round:

“Here's a little something for you “pocket protector/number cruncher” types: I hit Anderson Silva with more unanswered, undefended strikes than any fighter has landed on an opponent in the history of combat sports. Go count 'em up, Poindexters.

I struck him more times than Quasimodo struck the church bell at Notre Dame. I hit him so many times that I stopped fighting because my fists bouncing off his melon were ringing so loudly that it sounded like a bell, and I thought that the round, and the fight, were over. Actually, that's not true–I actually stopped out of mercy and boredom.

God knows, if he hit me with a TENTH of the undefended shots I hit him with, the ref would have pulled him off me faster than a meth-head pulls the foil off a dozen shoplifted Dristan tablets. I hit him enough to have the fight stopped FIVE TIMES, in FIVE separate rounds.

Therefore, I consider myself 5-1 against him, even allowing for his tainted triangle which only came after I thought the fight was over, and I had already turned the side of his head into a bowl of porridge with my fists.”

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