Thursday, December 8, 2022

Jon Fitch Ready For BJ Penn, Thinks Penn Won't Have Answers For Him

Top UFC Welterweight contender Jon Fitch has an important fight coming up this week against former champion BJ Penn when the two meet up in Australia and for Fitch, who has been in the top three in the division for quite some time, defeating Penn is another notch on his belt of top talent and a chance to prove once and for all he is the number one contender for Georges St. Pierre:

“All I can do is worry about the fight in front of me…. Even thinking that I'm entitled for some reason to be fighting bigger fights or that I should be getting more respect or hell just thinking about someone taking my parking spot. Any little distraction, any little thought that's not focused on where it needs to be I think is just a deadweight…. I mean I've always been a focused person, but I think I've even been more focused for this fight more than ever…. Honestly right now I think B.J. Penn is such a big fight and this is such a huge card, to be fighting in Australia, that my focus is on B.J. Penn and I'm not really going to worry about anything else until after the fight…. I'm planning on getting this win and then let the dust settle in the weeks after…. I'm 13-1 in the UFC, I'm at a point where I should be headlining cards and fighting the top guys right now. That's where I should be and I feel like I've earned the spot. And I plan on proving that I've earned this with the fight with B.J…. I think that I have a very good skill set, I'm every good at what I do and there's not too many people in the world that have an answer for what I can do. I dare to say there's nobody in the world that can really find answers for what I'm able to do.”