Monday, June 27, 2022

Jorge Rivera Camp Talks Michael Bisping Spitting Incident At UFC 127

Following their grudge match at UFC 127, Michael Bisping was not ready to be friends with Jorge Rivera after all the smack that Rivera talked to him pre-fight despite Bisping winning via TKO in the second round and in a show of emotion, Bisping spat on Rivera's corner and told the Rivera to “Go home, loser”.

After the pay-per-view, Rivera's camp repsonded to Bisping's actions:

“For the Jorge Rivera – Michael Bisping fight – the knee was illegal and flush on the face. But instead of taking a dive and possibly the win, Jorge fought on. Bisping tagged Jorge while BOTH of his knees were on the canvas. He wasn't the same afterward but fought on anyway. How many fighters would be able to fight on after that?

“The stoppage was quick, but we won't fight it. He won. That's all there is to it. But for all his talk of being a professional, Bisping spit on Rivera's coaches when the fight was over. How can you claim to be a professional after that?”

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