Saturday, December 3, 2022

Miguel Torres Doesn't Care If The Fans Love Him or New Style

Former Bantamweight Champion Miguel Torres has won his last two fights and is climbing his way back to a title shot in the hotly contested UFC 135lb. class and talked to about his thoughts on the fans, his new style, and what he sees happening if he does win the title again:

“I left to find growth – and everyone hates me for it, saying I'm a deserter and forgot where I came from. Even now, with my new style, people say I'm scared or not exciting. When I was training here, I didn't give a (care) and fought for the fans. When I lost, everyone threw (crap) on me saying I was nobody. My new style is actually cerebral and smart. I don't get hurt anymore, but lost fans. When I get the belt back, they will (love me) again, but I won't care. I'm all grown up.”