Monday, June 27, 2022

Penn Feels He's At Another Level After Training With Hughes

BJ Penn returns to the Welterweight division and attempts to stake his claim to a shot at the welterweight by defeating top ranked Jon Fitch in Australia and talked to Ariel Helwani about the training he has done with Matt Hughes in the lead up to the bout:

“Actually, you know what, more than the win, Matt Hughes came down to train with me in Hawaii. That really helped my confidence a lot actually. You know, us fighting two or three times, I still didn't really get to feel his strength and feel myself going five rounds or going a bunch of rounds with him and stuff. So, him coming down, him doing a lot of techniques with me and getting to work with him; we had some playful days, we had some technique days, some hard training days and all in all that really, I think, definitely boosted me to another level. You get a lot of training partners around but not at that caliber who have done the things that he has done.”

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