Saturday, November 26, 2022

Quinton Jackson Now Content With Match Against Matt Hamill

Despite initial reluctance to a bout with Matt Hamill at UFC 130, it now appears Quinton “Rampage” Jackson has changed his tune about the fight and is now looking to knock Hamill out for calling him out:

“We found out that Matt Hamill actually requested to fight Rampage. His camp pushed hard for it turning down other possible opponents. When Quinton found this out, his opinion rapidly changed on Matt Hamill.. Matt's strategically aiming at Quinton with the words if he takes out the ex-champ then he's in the mix for a shot. Those are brave words considering Rampage just beat (Lyoto) Machida. So the fight is set for May 28, Rampage doesn't take lightly to being called out.”

“He wants me? Well, he can have me,” Jackson told Yahoo! Sports. “I'm gonna knock him into tomorrow.”